Monday, August 6, 2012

{ project life - summer notebook journaling cards }

I meant to get my July Project Life done this weekend but I've been busy with 30 Days of Lists registration and my oldest boys birthday planning...and I didn't.  I did finish some simple summer notebook-style journaling cards though.  

Each card is a notebook style with and individual accent ranging from weather to words.  The link below includes each separate jpeg file.

Summer is that strange season that I can't wait to get started but am so glad when it's over.  I like when the temperatures warm and the trees green.  I like when the kids will be home all day and we can do whatever we want without worrying about bedtimes.  I don't like the 30+ ninety degree days we've had.  We'll enjoy the last days of summer before the back to school preparations begin. I like that too.

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  1. Great notecards! And we love summer too...but it always seems to end so abruptly for us here, so I will miss it!

  2. Fun! Love that they have a notebook paper look!

  3. Those are cute! Yeah, I'm with ya, it's nice to have summer, but it's also nice to see it leave!

  4. I love these!! so cute :) thanks for sharing!

    <3 Amy @ Interpret As You May

    {giveaway going on now, would love to see you!!}

  5. These are fantastic. They look just wonderful. Thank you!

  6. :( File was moved or deleted. Where may I download this?

  7. I would also love to download these, but the file seems to be moved or deleted...

  8. would love these, but can't download.

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