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tour review: Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich

Title: Big Girl Panties
Author: Stephanie Evanovich
Length: 368 pages
Release Date: January 21, 2014
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Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich is a rollicking and poignant romantic comedy about a young widow who decides to get in shape...and winds up getting her groove back--and a whole lot more! 
Holly Brennan used food to comfort herself through her husband's illness and death. Now she's alone at age thirty-two. And she weighs more than she ever has. When fate throws her in the path of Logan Montgomery, personal trainer to pro athletes, and he offers to train her, Holly concludes it must be a sign. Much as she dreads the thought of working out, Holly knows she needs to put on her big girl panties and see if she can sweat out some of her grief. Soon, the easy intimacy and playful banter of their training sessions lead Logan and Holly to most intense and steamy workouts. But can Holly and Logan go the distance as a couple now that she's met her goals--and other men are noticing?

Thoughts on Big Girl Panties

I've had Big Girl Panties on my to-be-read list since it came out and I've been meaning to get to it but ya know, things come up.  So I was really thrilled when I saw this tour and jumped at the chance and now I wonder what other gems are sitting in my pile that I haven't gotten to yet.

First off, I loved the character of Holly.  She's a young widow who coped with her husband's illness by eating her feelings.  She's smart, witty but down on herself because of her weight.  Enter Logan, a personal trainer to star athletes who is nice, but more caught up in his business and image than anything else.  So yeah, it's a surprise to Logan when he finds himself offering his services to Holly when she decides to hire him.  From then on is a rollercoaster of ups and downs that made me laugh and want to haul out a baseball bat.

Holly is a wonderful, engaging character.  She may have self-esteem issues but she has the personality and drive that show there's a strong woman there.  Her snark and the banter between her and Logan was one of my favorite parts and I hope that I can pull off some of her one-liners in real life.  

While I love Holly, it was strangely Logan that had me in fits for most of the book.  I love Logan, I really do.  But at times he was a big, dumb jerk.  He never really felt malicious although when he and Holly first met I would have loved to see a drink spilled in his lap or something just for his thoughts alone.  At first I thought it was just HIM and how was he going to be good enough for Holly but slowly and surely they made their way to each other and it was so worth it

Big Girl Panties is contemporary at its best and I look forward to more from Stephanie Evanovich.  Holly and Logan were brilliant, layered characters and I was completely caught up in their growing relationship.  I was happy, sad, angry and entertained through the whole story and I'm happy to kick 2014 off on such a high note.  

about the author

Stephanie Evanovich is a full-fledged Jersey girl who attended New York Conservatory for the Dramatic Arts, performed with several improvisational troupes, and acted in a few small-budget movies, all in preparation for the greatest job she ever had: raising her two sons. Now a full-time writer, she’s an avid sports fan who holds a black belt in tae kwon do.


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