Monday, November 4, 2013

free book blast: lacy - the doves of primrose by krista kedrick

Title: Lacy, The Doves of Primrose
Author: Krista Kedrick
Series: The Doves of Primrose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: June 11, 2013

Holy cow! Lacy Weston was just appointed owner/operator of the family’s notorious bed and breakfast after her mother took off with her most current flame. With the ink still wet on her divorce papers she’s ready to tackle a new project. The only thing is the ancient place is about to go under and not just financially. The opportunity of a lifetime drops in her lap when a phone call offering her serious cash to film a western movie on her land comes. What’s the catch? Former rodeo champ and local hero Kyle McClintock is the lead actor. Lacy is determined to keep their past relationship where it belongs – in the past.

Kyle McClintock is back in Primrose to shoot his latest western blockbuster and to see if the passion he and Lacy Weston had so many years ago could be rekindled. But he may get more than he bargained for. Lacy is putting up more of a fight than he planned. Strange happenings, hot tempers and Indian summer nights may prove too much for this cowboy. It seems the universe is working against them. Who would have thought loving a Weston would be this damn hard? And will they survive long enough to claim the love sizzling beneath the surface?




about the author

Hi y’all! I’m Krista Kedrick and I’m a country loving writer. I write stories with the country way of life in mind. Yes, they have cowboys and cowgirls, ranches, tractors, dogs, children and your occasional bar room brawl, but in the end they are down home people who do the right thing and find a love more powerful and promising than your everyday story. Because that’s how we are. Everything is stronger, more passionate and long-lasting. I write from my home state of Nebraska while living my dream life (well, almost). I have an amazing husband, two of the cutest daughters on the prairie and a Basset Hound who teaches me the meaning of the word “patience”. Kick back and enjoy my books about the country life-- but keep your boots off my coffee table.


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