Tuesday, October 1, 2013

{ My Semi-Charmed Autumn 2013 Book Challenge Book List }

Megan at Semi Charmed Kind of Life is putting together another book challenge this fall and I am excited to take part again. I finished all but one book for the Summer Reading Challenge.

One book!

I just could not finish The Silver Chair before yesterday's deadline.  I would open the book and just be stuck. It was incredibly frustrating to not be able to complete the challenge but congratulations to those who did. The winners of the summer challenge selected some of the categories below and wow, are they creative.  Some of the rules have changed to so check out this post for all updates and categories.

My Book List

*5: Read a book that does not have "the," "a" or "an" in the title.

*10: Read a book that has been featured in Oprah's Book Club.

*10: Read a book that takes place in the state where you currently live. If you do not live in the U.S., read a book that takes place in the country where you live. (Michigan)

*15: Read an epistolary novel, which is a book written in letters, emails, diary entries or other documents.

*15: Read a book first published in 2013.

*15: Read a book with something spooky in the title.

*20: Read a book with "air," "water," "earth" or "fire" in the title.

*20: Read a book on which a television series has been based.

*25: Read a fiction book that has someone’s first and last name in the title.

*30: Read two books by the same author. They can be in the same series, but do not have to be. Co-authors do not count.

*35: Read a fiction and nonfiction book about the same topic. (World War 2)


  1. Great list! Happy to have you again. I love the way you did the list with book covers. Also, if you're talking about The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis, I stopped reading the series with that book when I was younger. There's just something about it!

  2. The Book Thief is one of my FAVORITE books!


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