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beautiful player by christina lauren - review & giveaway

Title: Beautiful Player
Author: Christina Lauren
Series: Beautiful Bastard
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 352 pages
Release Date: October 29, 2013
ARC provided my Gallery Books

When Hanna “Ziggy” Bergstrom moves to New York City for graduate school, Will Sumner thinks his responsibilities to his best friend’s nerdy little sister will be limited to the occasional dinner and check-in. Little does he know that Ziggy is ready to break out of her bookworm academic shell and move more into bombshell territory. Of course she figures the gorgeous womanizing venture capitalist Will is the best person to help mentor her in this new field of study: dating.
Will takes on the challenge with more than a healthy dose of skepticism and humor, but soon finds that Ziggy just needed a tiny push, not a world of change, to reveal a woman every man seems to notice. Soon “Ziggy” is gone and the unfiltered, innocently seductive Hanna Bergstrom is hijacking his dreams, his moods, and even his orderly no-strings-attached dating life—beginning the night his mentoring activities move between the sheets.

Thoughts on Beautiful Player

There is no better series out there right now than the Beautiful Bastard series and Beautiful Player is another testament to the dynamic writing of Christina Lauren.  For some crazy reason I always think, "There's no way that this series can get any better."  How can they top Bennett Ryan and Max Stella?

Will Sumner has known Hanna Bergstrom since she was twelve years-old.  When her older brother and one of his closest friends asks him to help her get out more he agrees thinking he'll be helping out a old friend and his socially awkward sister.  What he gets is Hanna.

Hanna is my new favorite character in the Beautiful Series.  She's ridiculously smart and has absolutely no filter.  At all.  The banter between her and Will is Christina Lauren at their best. I laughed out loud several times and had my husband staring at me strangely more than once.  What starts out as an easy friendship between Hanna and Will quickly evolves into  highly charged sexual tension that had me breathing heavy along with Hanna.  Seeing Will come to terms that he does want a relationship with Hanna all while throwing her mixed signals and miscommunication had me wanting to thump him in the head at times.  Neither really knew what they were doing and it was like the blind leading the blind at times but Will's sweet sincerity and Hanna's word vomit made it all worth it.

Beautiful Player is one of my favorite books of this year. The chemistry between Hanna and Will is honest and playful. Fans of the series will love the crazy banter between all the characters and the steaminess that Christina Lauren is know for.  It can kind of stand alone but to really appreciate the characters and their relationships newcomers should absolutely start at the beginning.  You won't be disappointed.  


Simon and Schuster has provided me with 2 copies of Beautiful Player to give away to my readers!  To enter, leave a comment below telling me which Beautiful Bastard character is your favorite.  
Comments close 11/6 Midnight

About the Authors...

Lauren (on the left) and Christina (on the right) have been writing all kinds of stories together since 2009. This is not the first erotic romance they’ve ever written . . . but it is the first one under this name. Separated by the pesky state of Nevada, these co-author besties talk several times a day, agree that Ruby Pumps is the best nail polish color ever, and would, if given the choice, spend all day staring at the ocean from the San Clemente pier.

foreplay by sofie jordan book trailer release

I am so happy to be apart of the Foreplay by Sophie Jordan trailer reveal!
Enjoy the trailer and an amazing excerpt!

Pre-order Foreplay here

Excerpt from Foreplay

I craned my head to look around. “How are you going to find a table in this zoo?” 
Emerson gave me an insulted look. “Oh, we’ll get a table. Leave it to me.” 
“Here.” Georgia thrust some money in my hand. “First pitcher on me.”\ 
“The only pitcher. We don’t need to buy our own drinks.” Emerson shook her head like we both had much to learn and motioned for me to move on toward the bar. “Go on. And while you’re there keep an eye out for you-know-who.” 
I watched as they disappeared into the throng, convinced now that the whole point of sending me to the bar was for me to scope out the player bartender we’d come here looking for. I worked my way through the crush, wading through bodies until I stood in line behind a pair of giggling girls. 
“Yeah, that’s him,” a bleached blonde said to her friend. “Lydia said he was hot, but OMG … that’s putting it mildly.” 
Her friend fanned herself. “If he would mess around with Lydia, he’s going to think he hit the lottery with us. 
Who talked about themselves like that? I couldn’t help myself. A laugh escaped me. I slapped a hand over my mouth. 
The dark-haired girl glared over her shoulder at me. I quickly dropped my hand and tried to look innocent, angling my neck as though I was impatient to place my drink order and not eavesdropping. 
The blonde slapped her arm. “You’re so bad, Gina.” 
Gina returned her attention to her friend. “Well, hopefully I’ll get to be bad with him tonight. I call dibs.” She waved a ten-dollar bill, clearly trying to gain the bartender’s attention. 
I shook my head, regretting every time I'd ever judged Emerson for her lack of inhibitions. Compared to these two she was a Girl Scout. Clearly they were discussing my bartender. Wait. When did he become mine? I winced. From the sound of it, he belonged to every female that passed through Mulvaney’s doors. 
I reminded myself that I would not be hooking up with anyone tonight … especially a bartender with a reputation for swapping DNA with the entire female population of Dartford. Thanks, but no. I couldn’t imagine myself with someone so undiscriminating. I had standards. There was no way I could contemplate messing around with someone like that. Even if it was to gain some much-needed experience to win over Hunter. 
And then I saw him. 
The air froze in my lungs. He stepped up in front of the two girls, bracing his arms against the bar top. I heard his voice, low and deep, over the steady drone of the bar. 
“What can I get for you?” 
I gawked, unable to blink. I had an unobstructed view of him in the space between the girls. The blood rushed in my ears, and suddenly it was last night all over again and I was on a lonely stretch of country road, the acrid smoke of my overheating car filling my nostrils as I stared at his familiar face. That dark blond hair cut close to his head. The tall, lean body that had bent over the engine of my car less than twenty-four hours ago. I could see him even more clearly now, but I hadn’t been mistaken in my initial assessment. He was hot. His jaw square and strong. His features like something chiseled from marble. There was a shadowy hint of stubble on his face, and his eyes were so piercing a blue they looked almost silver. 
He looked just a few years older than me. I could see that now. It was probably just the way he held himself. Experienced. Capable. He wore a well-worn cotton T-shirt with Mulvaney’s stretched across one of his impressive pecs. Dimly I wondered if his shirt looked as soft as it felt? If his chest was as solid? 
The girls were tittering like seventh-graders now. Gawking at him, too. I felt like someone sucker punched me. My rescuer. My bartender. Mulvaney’s man-whore. One and the same. 
“What can I get you?” he repeated. 
“What’s good?” Gina propped her elbows on the bar, no doubt flashing him some of her cleavage. 
He rattled off the various beers on tap like he had done it a hundred times before, which he probably had. His gaze slid the length of the bar as he talked, assessing the crowd. 
“Hmm. What’s your favorite?” Gina called.
Shaking his head, he looked back down at her. “Look, I’ll come back to you when you make up your mind.” His eyes snapped over them to me. “What’ll you have?” 
My mouth parted, surprised that he was addressing me, that he dismissed them so easily. Just like that. And when they were flirting with him no less. 
His eyes narrowed with recognition. “Hey. You.” He nodded slightly at me. “How’s the car?" 
Before I could answer, Gina sent me a withering look and then turned back to him. She waved her money in his face. “Excuse me. We were here first.” 
Sighing, he looked back down at them, his expression a blend of annoyance and boredom. “Then order already.” 
She tossed her dark hair over her shoulder. “Forget it. The service here sucks. We’ll go somewhere else.” Turning, they shoved past me.
He didn’t even watch them depart. With his stare fixed on me, he shrugged one shoulder and flashed me a half smile that made my stomach lurch. I stepped up to the bar, trying to look confident. Like I hung out in bars all the time. 
He braced his hands on the edge of the bar, leaning forward slightly. “Now what can I get for you?” His tone was decidedly friendlier than when he spoke to the other girls, and heat swarmed my face. I’m sure it was just because we knew each other—in a way—but it still made me feel special. 
Singled out. 
I lowered my gaze, eyeing his arms. The muscles bunched. A tattoo peaked out from beneath his sleeve and crawled down his tanned bicep and forearm, stopping at his wrist. It looked like some kind of intricate feathered wing. I would have liked to study it further, but I was already conscious that I was ogling him, and I still hadn’t answered his question. 
“Um. A pitcher of Sam Adams.” I knew Emerson liked microbrews. 
“Oh.” I fumbled for the fake ID Emerson made me get last year for the one time she dragged me to Freemont’s. 
He glanced at it and back to my face. A hint of a smile played about his lips. “Twenty-four?” 
I nodded, but my face went from warm to scalding. 
“Guess you just have one of those baby faces.” He didn’t wait for a reply. Still smiling faintly, he stepped away. 
My eyes were drawn to his broad back. His T-shirt hugged the muscled expanse. He wore a pair of well-worn jeans, and the view from the back was almost as nice as the front. Suddenly the bar felt oppressively hot. 
He set the full pitcher and a stack of cups in front of me. 
“Thanks.” I handed him the money. He took it and moved to the cash register. 
In the moments he was gone, I tried to think of something to say. Something cute and engaging. Anything that might draw out our conversation. I didn’t let myself consider why. Or that suddenly I wasn’t so averse to the idea of talking to him. Flirting with him. 
My throat closed up, panicking at the prospect. How did Emerson do it? She made flirting look so effortless. 
He returned with my change. “Thanks,” I murmured, dropping it into the tip jar. 
“Take care.” 
I looked up but he was already gone, moving on to the next customer. I hesitated, staring after him. Shaking my head, I reminded myself not to ogle. Tucking the cups under one arm, I held the pitcher with two hands and dove back into the throng. Only I didn’t make it two steps before someone bumped me. The pitcher flew from my hands, somersaulting amid bodies, sloshing beer everywhere. People cried out, wiping ineffectually at their doused clothing. 
“Sorry!” I apologized to their glaring faces, grateful that I, at least, had somehow managed to stay dry. 
Bending, I retrieved the plastic pitcher from the plank floor just as my pocket started to buzz multiple times in quick succession. 

I dug it out of my pocket and read the text.

Emerson: Found table. Still at bar? Did u see him? Rolling my eyes, I tucked the empty pitcher under my arm and texted her back. Me: Yes. Yes. 
Sighing, I squeezed back to the front of the bar and set the pitcher down on the surface. My gaze searched for him. He was serving customers a little way down the bar now, bending his lean body over the counter to better hear orders. I waited until he caught my gaze. He sent me a nod of acknowledgment. I nodded back. 

My phone vibrated in my hand again. I glanced down.

Emerson: U r taking 4ever. Better be making out w/him 2 take this long I snorted and was in the process of typing back to her when he arrived in front of me. He nodded at the pitcher. “That was quick.”
“Yeah.” I hastily slid my phone back in my pocket, almost as if I feared him seeing the texts about him. I smiled wanly. “I didn’t make it three feet.” 
“Ah.” He nodded in understanding, bracing his hands on the bar top again. The action stretched his shirt taut over his chest and pulled it against his shoulders. “I’ll let you in on a secret. Nice girls get eaten alive in places like this.” 
I stared at him for a moment, his words sinking in. I moistened my lips, reaching deep inside me where some reservoir of female instincts dwelled. “Maybe I’m not that nice.” 
He laughed then, a short, deep sound that sent ripples eddying through me. My face flushed. I smiled hesitantly, unsure if his laughter was good or bad. 
“Sweetheart, you’ve got ‘nice girl’ written all over you.” 
The "sweetheart" made my stomach flutter. Until the rest of his words sank in. You’ve got "nice girl" written all over you. I frowned. Nice girls didn’t win the guy. Hunter’s ex-girlfriend flashed across my mind. She had been sexy, with sleek, surfer-blond hair and designer clothes that showed off her body. Sophisticated. Not your girl-next-door type at all. Not like me. No one would accuse her of being a nice girl. 
“You might be surprised,” I bluffed. 
“Yeah.” He nodded, his gaze skimming me, and suddenly I wished I had worn something besides a shapeless sweater. “I would be.” 
I clamped my lips shut to stop myself from arguing with him. He thought I was a nice girl because that’s how I looked. I wasn’t going to change his mind with words. That was the kind of thing one proved.  He bent his arm and tapped his elbow. “Use your elbows to get through out there.” 
He stepped away and filled another pitcher. He set it down in front of me. I fumbled for my money in the tiny purse strapped across my chest 
He swiped a hand through the air. “Don’t worry about it.” 
“Really? Thanks.” 
He pointed out into the main room. “Just remember to use those elbows, Nice Girl.” 
With that parting tip, he moved down the bar to the next customer. I stood there and stared after him for a moment, contemplating our exchange. Nice Girl. It echoed through my head. Fantastic. That’s how he thought of me. No name. Simply that.

read more amazing excerpts here

about the author

Sophie Jordan grew up in the Texas hill country where she wove fantasies of dragons, warriors, and princesses. A former high school English teacher, she's also the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Avon historical romances. She now lives in Houston with her family. When she's not writing, she spends her time overloading on caffeine (lattes and Diet cherry Coke preferred), talking plotlines with anyone who will listen (including her kids), and cramming her DVR with true-crime and reality-TV shows. Sophie also writes paranormal romances under the name Sharie Kohler.

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review: the hourglass by sharon struth - review, giveaway & excerpt

Title: The Hourglass
Author: Sharon Struth
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 19, 2013


"Can forgiveness survive lies and unspoken truths?"
Until Brenda McAllister's husband committed suicide, she appeared to have the ideal life: a thriving psychology practice, success as a self-help author, and a model family. But her guilt over her affair with Jack's best friend prevents her from moving on. Did Jack learn of her infidelity? Was she the cause of his death?

The release of Brenda's second book forces her into an unexpected assignment with arrogant celebrity author CJ Morrison, whose irritating and edgy exterior hides the torment of his own mistakes. But as she grows closer to CJ, Brenda learns she wasn't the only one with secrets--Jack had secrets of his own, unsavory ones that may have led to his death. While CJ helps Brenda uncover the truth about her husband, she finds the path to forgiveness isn't always on the map.

thoughts on the hourglass

What I Liked

The Hourglass is is a wonderful debut by Sharon Struth.  Brenda and CJ are two characters that have suffered the loss of their spouse and are having a hard time getting over their grief and guilt.  They aren't young 20 somethings but grown adults who reiterate the fact that no one way is the right way.  CJ deals, or rather not deals, with losing his wife by dating women that are about as opposite of her as you can get.  He hires Brenda to help him analyze the character in his next book that gee, sounds a lot like him

What I Loved

I loved the overall tone of the novel.  The characters were older than I'm used to reading and while I wouldn't exactly call the romance part of the story "fluffy" it had more a sweet, romantic side feeling that struck me as old-fashioned.  And that's definitely not a bad thing.  A lot of the more intimate moments kind of fade to black but that makes it more believable to me.  The mysteries and issues that CJ and Brenda were dealing with were solved in a believable way too and left me feeling happy for them.

What I Didn't Like

Sometimes I felt a little frustrated by CJ at first but really, Sharon Struth was just setting the stage for the characters and I could absolutely see into his behavior as time wore on.

excerpt from The Hourglass

An unexpected gravitational pull swelled Brenda’s anger. Her cute quip ran into hiding. She no longer cared about winning this man’s favor. His rudeness left her feeling as if she’d been doused with hot coffee this time. Brenda clenched her fists. A year of internal browbeating over Jack’s suicide had left her easily irritated.

Brenda gripped the frail edges of her self-control. “I once again offer my apologies for the accident, by definition an unplanned event with lack of intent.” He looked down his sturdy, Grecian nose at her, so she stood and put her hands on her hips. “Shouldn’t you, as a writer, know that?”

Every line on his face tensed. “I could do without your sarcasm.” He leaned closer. “Thanks to you, I missed my meeting. Maybe tomorrow morning you could get room service.”

The brunette unleashed a tight smirk. CJ motioned for them to move on.

Brenda fumbled for a good retort. As he stepped away, the last word went with him. The same way Jack had the last word in their life together. A silent explosion went off inside Brenda’s head and propelled her anger forward.

“Mr. Morrison?” She raised her voice to be heard above the crowd.

He looked over his shoulder and arched a questioning eyebrow.

Brenda crossed her arms and fixed a phony smile as she nodded toward his companion. “It’s so nice of you to bring your daughter to the conference.”


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about the author

Sharon Struth writes from her home in Bethel, Connecticut where she lives with her husband and two daughters. She’s a graduate of Marist College.
The Hourglass is Sharon’s debut novel. Her other writing credits include essays in several Chicken Soup for the Soul Books, the anthology A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers, Sasee Magazine and Her current work-in-progress Share the Moon received second place in the Unpublished Beacon Contest.
Prior to writing full-time, Sharon worked for thirteen years at the headquarters of Waldenbooks/Borders Books. She’s a member of the Romance Writers of America and Treasurer of The Romance Writers of Southern Connecticut and Lower New York (CoLoNY).

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tour: trust in me by j.lynn / jennifer armentrout - review & giveaway

Title: Trust In Me
Author: J. Lynn (Jennifer Armentrout)
Series: Wait For You
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: October 22, 2013


It’s Wait for You as you’ve never seen it. Trust in Me lets you in on Cam’s side of the #1 New York Times Bestselling story.
Cameron Hamilton is used to getting what he wants, especially when it comes to women. But when Avery Morgansten comes crashing into his life – literally – he finally meets the one person who can resist his soulful baby blues. But Cam’s not ready to give up. He can’t get the feisty and intriguing girl out of his head.

Avery has secrets, secrets that keep her from admitting the feelings Cam knows she has for him. Will persistence (and some delicious homemade cookies) help him break down her barriers and gain her trust? Or will he be shut out of Avery's life, losing his first real shot at the kind of love that lasts forever?

Thoughts on Trust In Me

Trust In Me is Wait For Me in Cam's point of view- yes Cam!  A whole book dedicated to what is going on in Cam's head.   
Typically a rehash of a book from another point of view kind of bores me and I end up flipping through several pages because I'm bored.  Did not happen with Trust In Me.  I liked Wait For Me and Avery but seeing her through Cam's eyes made me feel more for her than before.  Cam is charming, compassionate and patient.  And my heart literally broke for him during his breakup with Avery.  He loves her but her lack of trust is a dealbreaker for him.  The new scenes from his point of view shine even more light on how sweet he is. 
I'm not sure I can articulate how much I loved Trust In Me and Cam without gushing.  Jennifer Armentrout nails Cam's point of view.  Theirs also a preview of Be With Me and I can't wait for it!

about the author

#1 NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling author Jennifer lives in Martinsburg, West Virginia. All the rumors you’ve heard about her state aren’t true. When she’s not hard at work writing. she spends her time reading, working out, watching really bad zombie movies, pretending to write, and hanging out with her husband and her Jack Russel Loki.
Her dreams of becoming an author started in algebra class, where she spent most of her time writing short stories….which explains her dismal grades in math. Jennifer writes Young Adult paranormal, science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary romance. She is published with Spencer Hill Press, Entangled Teen and Brazen, Disney/Hyperion and Harlequin Teen.

Thursday, October 24, 2013 literary costumes

When I seen the book chat topic from Jessica at The Tangerine this week I realized that I have zero imagination when it comes to DIY costumes.

Not even a little bit.

So I did what every person like me does and cruise through Pinterest to find some of my favorites.

Hermione Granger

Hermione is my forever favorite costume.  I used to put the sweater and tie on each year but this year it's going to be pretty cold around here so I think I'm going with just the tie
Hermione Granger

Katniss Everdeen

I've seen quite a few kids dressed as Katniss last year and they looked awesome.  I tried talking my oldest into Katniss this year (she even has her own bow!) but no dice.  
Katniss Everdeen


I'd love to go back in time before she had opinions and dress her as Madeline too.  


And Daphne isn't really literary but it was just too cool not to include.  


What is your favorite literary costumes?


review: finding it by cora carmack

Title: Finding It
Author: Cora Carmack
Series: Losing It
Genre: New Adult
Length: 320 pages
Release Date: October 15, 2013

Sometimes you have to lose yourself to find where you truly belong...
Most girls would kill to spend months traveling around Europe after college graduation with no responsibility, no parents, and no-limit credit cards. Kelsey Summers is no exception. She's having the time of her life . . . or that's what she keeps telling herself. 
It's a lonely business trying to find out who you are, especially when you're afraid you won't like what you discover. No amount of drinking or dancing can chase away Kelsey's loneliness, but maybe Jackson Hunt can. After a few chance meetings, he convinces her to take a journey of adventure instead of alcohol. With each new city and experience, Kelsey's mind becomes a little clearer and her heart a little less hers. Jackson helps her unravel her own dreams and desires. But the more she learns about herself, the more Kelsey realizes how little she knows about Jackson,

Thoughts on Finding It

I have another author to add to my "must buy" list.  Cora Carmack is one of the best New Adult writers I've read and Finding It drives that point home.  The characters are real to the point that I can picture them even in my little town.

Kelsey Summers is the epitome of "poor little rich girl".  She has no direction after she graduates college so she decides to party her way through Europe.  It's not often that the "bad girl" is also the "good girl" in a story and Cora Carmack balances the right amount of snarkyness and sympathy for Kelsey.  It's during another night of endless partying that she meets Jackson Hunt for the first time.

If there was ever a most awkward and embarrassing first meeting award Kelsey and Jackson would own it.  Not everyone can say the first time they saw each other was across a crowded club while a local was eating your face under the guise of a kiss.  The puking in the alley part though, that happens a lot.

If Kelsey is poor little rich girl, Jackson is tall, dark and mysterious.  The chemistry between him and Kelsey is there from the beginning but instead taking taking advantage, he takes her on an adventure.  Of course he has his secrets, and it's a doozy, but he never stops trying to show Kelsey the better parts of herself.

And like all secrets they eventually are blown wide open and when I say blow up, I mean it.  The ending is some of the best chapters I've read all year and it was well worth the only four hours of sleep I got that night.

Finding It is is a shining example in the New Adult category with memorable characters and a story that pulls multiple feeling out of you throughout.  If you haven't read this series, you're definitely missing out.

about the author

Cora Carmack is a twenty-something writer who likes to write about twenty-something characters. She’s done a multitude of things in her life—retail, theatre, teaching, and writing. She loves theatre, travel, and anything that makes her laugh. She enjoys placing her characters in the most awkward situations possible and then trying to help them

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tour: throwing heat by jennifer seasons - review & giveaway

Title: Throwing Heat
Author: Jennifer Seasons
Series: Diamonds and Dugouts
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 336 pages
Release Date: October 15, 2013
ARC provided by publisher


Nightclub manager Leslie Cutter has never been one to back down from a bet. So when Peter Kowalskin, pitcher for the Denver Rush baseball team, bets her that she can’t keep her hands off of him, she’s not about to let the arrogant, sexy playboy win. Especially when the prize could put her business on the map. She’s got this in the bag, just so long as she can stay out of his arms…and his bed.
Peter struck out once before with Leslie, but this bet is sure to be the second chance he’s been waiting for. Determined to stoke the passion he knows is there, he’ll do anything to win - even if it means playing a little dirty.

But as things heat up, this combustible pair will have to decide just how much they’re willing to wager on one another…and on a future that just might last forever.

thoughts on throwing heat

What I Liked 

Leslie Cutter is my kind of woman. My favorite kind of heroine is the one picks herself up after being knocked down and does what she need to do to get back on her feet and Leslie is that in spades.  After trusting the wrong guy and paying the price several years ago she's not about to make the same mistake again but she's never stubborn about it like some people can be.  I even understood why she was more willing to take a business risk than one with her heart.  But Peter was just the right amount of push and stand back and reading them together made me feel like I needed a fan.

What I Loved  

One of my favorite categories in romance is the sports category and I automatically look twice at anything set on the ball diamond.  Throwing Heat is the third book in the Diamonds and Dugout Series and it just keeps getting better.  Peter may have taken advantage of all the perks of being an athlete in the beginning of his career but now that he's found out exactly what being with Leslie is like, he pursues her with the same amount of determination that he shows on the field.  
Baseball is my favorite sport so the action on the field is just as important to me as what's going off the field and Jennifer Seasons nails it.  The final game had me flipping through the pages waiting to see what was going to happen and holding my breath like I do when I'm watching my Tigers play.  

What I Didn't Like 

Nothing really stuck out at me.  The characters were engaging and never fell flat.  The action was spot on both on and off the field.  Throwing Heat is a red hot romance for both sports and non sports lovers.  

about the author

Jennifer Seasons is a Colorado transplant. She lives with her husband and four children along the Front Range, where she enjoys breathtaking views of the mighty Rocky Mountains every day. A dog and two cats keep them company. When she's not writing, she loves spending time with her family outdoors, exploring her beautiful adopted home state.

Follow the tour here

Thursday, October 17, 2013 - my first loves

It's been a few weeks since I've had a Book Chat post and I'm pretty happy to get back to joining everyone with this week's post. When I saw that this week's topic was your first book love I knew exactly what to write about. I read lots of children's book in elementary school and I liked them but the first books that I loved, that I practically obsessed over...

Sweet Valley Twins

I loved these books. I discovered them when I was in the third grade when one of the girls in my Girl Scout troop brought one to a meeting. She showed it off like she was Vanna White and we oohed and aahed over it the whole time. That weekend I begged my Grandpa for the first Sweet Valley book I could find. And the other two that were on the shelf as well.

I walked into class on Monday with my new already read books and proudly showed them off. Becky from the Girl Scout troop, who was also in my class, brought in some of hers too. We spent all out recess that week sitting on the bench reading together; it was like our own mini book club. Every Monday we'd bring in the new books we'd gotten over the weekend and take turns reading the ones we didn't each have.

That pretty much began my decade long obsession with anything Sweet Valley. Eventually I moved on to Sweet Valley High and University but I'll always have a soft spot for the original Jessica and Elizabeth.  I always thought of myself as more Elizabeth than Jessica too.

Did you read any Sweet Valley?  Who was your favorite character?


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blog tour: backfield in motion by jami davenport - review & giveaway

Title: Backfield In Motion
Author: Jami Davenport
Series: Seattle Lumberjacks
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 2013

Bruce "Bruiser" Mackey's story (running back)

All you'll ever be is a pretty face...

Star running back Bruce “Bruiser” Mackey has heard those words his entire life, especially after his twin brother’s tragic accident. He might use his surfer-boy good looks to land lucrative endorsements for his secret charity, but he hates books being judged by their covers. Which is why it’s wrong that his friend MacKenzie Hernandez is intent on giving herself a makeover.

Sure, Mac and her father have been reeling financially since her brother disappeared three years ago, and Lumberjacks management gives an annual scholarship that might get her life back on track, but he can’t imagine anyone smarter, sexier, or more beautiful than Mac already is. He can’t keep his hands off her—and the more they spend time together, the less he wants to. She’s perfect as is. One way or another, he’ll make sure the team’s tomboy greenskeeper gets a full ride. And between the two of them, they can learn to accept what’s behind them and look downfield to a future full of win.

thoughts on "backfield in motion"

What I Liked

Could Bruiser be anymore of a sweetheart?  I felt so bad for him at time when people just treated him like a pretty face and nothing else.  The man had a Business degree for Pete's sake!  I can understand playing your cards close and not letting anyone know exactly how savvy you are but every time some one, especially Veronica, I kind of wanted to poke them in the eye. Jami Davenport did a wonderful job showing the tug of war going on in Bruiser's head over his relationship with Mac.  He wanted her and actually seen the real woman she kept hidden but he was always afraid that her being with him was going to screw things up for her more than him.

What I Loved

One of my favorite things about the Lumberjacks Series is how the players like working with children and Bruiser is no different.  Seeing him interact with Elliot showed a side of himself that others never got to see. 
Mac was a little all over the place at times but her desire to please everybody was something I could understand.  I also love a female character that knows what she wants and does her best to go after it. 

What I Didn't Like

I liked the buildup in the relationships between Bruiser and Mac and Bruiser and Elliot through out the book but I kind of surprised with how everything was wrapped up.  I don't want to spoil the ending but the 180' that Bruiser did in attitude caught me off guard a little.

About the author

An advocate of happy endings, Jami Davenport writes sexy romantic comedy, sports hero romances, and equestrian fiction. Jami lives on a small farm near Puget Sound with her Green Beret-turned-plumber husband, a Newfoundland cross with a tennis ball fetish, a prince disguised as an orange tabby cat, and an opinionated Hanoverian mare.
Jami works in IT for her day job and is a former high school business teacher and dressage rider. In her spare time, she maintains her small farm and socializes whenever the opportunity presents itself. An avid boater, Jami has spent countless hours in the San Juan Islands, a common setting in her books. In her opinion, it is the most beautiful place on earth.

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