Thursday, September 5, 2013

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One of my favorite things about each week's book chat is how it makes me look at what I read.  I've discovered a lot of new books and authors I most likely wouldn't have found on my own but I've also realized more about my own habits. I know that I don't like to read books about tough issues.  Reading is my happy place.  I see enough sad in the world from the news that I don't choose to read an in-depth book about what horrible things that happened.  I also know that I shy away from books that have a high guaranteed sad ending. 

But back to my reason why I love the book chat- I thought that I avoided books on tough issues or controversial ones and I sort of do, at least in the adult world.  When I was going over my "read" list on Good Reads I realized that I have read books on tough issues and almost all of them are in the Young Adult/New Adult genre.  This was news to me because I've never considered myself a YA reader.

Wait for You (Wait for You, #1) Easy Hopeless (Hopeless, #1) Eleanor & Park

The Fault in Our Stars The Sky Is Everywhere A Walk to Remember Speak

Perhaps I've never read tough issue books from the best seller list because I'm afraid they will make me sad.  I know I avoid ones involving children like a Child Called It because I know I can't handle the subject matter. 

But something about reading these New/Young Adult books strikes a cord with me.  Although I've never personally dealt with any of the issues these characters have faced; I've led a pretty quiet life, each one brought me right into the middle of the characters worlds.  Reading each book left me sad, crying in some cases, and yet in awe of the survivors at the end.  Each book makes me feel.  I've learned this week that I do read the tough issues books and I have my own niche that I turn to.  Thanks book chat.

What tough issues or controversial books do you pick up?  Is there any particular category that you go for?


  1. I'm really drawn to books about sad and tough topics, even when they involve children. It makes me feel so guilty for enjoying them, but they are usually such powerful and thought-provoking reads!

  2. I read A Child Called It a really long time ago. Very sad :( I didn't have kids then. It upset me a lot but I KNOW if I tried to read something like that now I'd never get through it.

  3. GREAT list! I also considered Fault in Our Stars from my list, but tried to reach out because I feel like I'm *always* talking about John Green LOL. Great choices though. I wholeheartedly agree with these, some are my faves.

  4. I LOVE the Fault is in Our Stars... It was great.

  5. A Child Called It is devastating. Absolutely devastating. It's also really good but definitely one of those one time read only books.


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