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{ book bangin' august - dystopian boys }

Book Bangin’ is a new feature hosted by Kelly at Belle of the Literati where you can share your favorite book boyfriends and why you love them. Each month is a new topic and this month is all about those dystopian boys!

It's only been the last few months where I've started to step out of my reading comfort zone of strictly romance and into other genres. I dipped into New Adult, Young Adult and even Historical but I always kind of avoided dystopian. I'm not sure if it was the otherworldlyness of the genre or my assumptions that a lot of them had their own worlds and languages and I wasn't too keen on learning the language so to speak. You know what they say about assumptions though, yeah, I'm sure someone out there will be happy to say I told you so.

I haven't read a lot of them though. I've stuck mostly to friendly recommendations and to my rule that I must read the book before seeing the movie so my choice is what I'm sure others will choose as well but that just means we all have good taste.

I wasn't going to start the Divergent Series until after the last book was released but I was gifted a copy from a friend and I couldn't resist starting it. It was just sitting there on my shelf and I only planned on reading the first chapter...and then it was 2am and my eyes were burning from being up so late and I was half way done. What I loved most about Four was he was brave, it went much deeper than that. He is a natural leader who doesn't want someone who will stand up for them?

Are there any dystopians that you think would be up my alley?

Boyfriend Of The Month

I'm not sure your could really call Torment (aka Max) a boyfriend but he sure screws up like a real one. Against The Ropes has heavy erotica themes but the dialogue between the characters is pure win and if offset the seriousness of the story well.


  1. Have you ever read the Enemy series by Charlie Higson? It's definitely one of my favorite series of all time. There are already four books out for it and I believe there are supposed to be seven books total. I totally get wrapped up in them, you're constantly flipping pages early into the morning because he's pretty ruthless with his characters so you're always fearing for your favorite characters. The Gone series by Michael Grant is incredible also, and reminds me of Stephen King's Under the Dome tv series which I like very much too, even though I have yet to read the book yet. I'd say those two are my favorite dystopian series and I've also read the Hunger Games, Divergent, Legend, and the Benny Imura series Rot and Ruin!

  2. We chose Four as one of our boys over on Swoony Boys Podcast, too! I hadn't heard of Against The Ropes before, but I've added it to my TBR!

    Kassiah from Swoony Boys Podcast (

  3. Yay!! SO SO SO happy you joined!! LOVE Four! He was in mine, too! And I'm TOTALLY going to have to read Against the Ropes...I love a steamy story with guys who can fight. Can't resist them! :)


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