Friday, July 5, 2013

{ summer lovin read-a-thon day 5 }

Day 5 - Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On

It's progress report day and I'm chugging along...

♥The Perks of Being a Wallflower (30%) - I've started it but I've only been reading it sporadically thorough out the week.  It really brings back those awkward feelings and I'm finding I need to take a break from it often.

♥Walking Disaster - I'm hoping to start this one tomorrow.  It's a whopper of a book and getting into Travis' head is probably going to wreak havoc in mine so it'll probably take me awhile.

♥The Dominant (100%) - I finished this one on Wednesday.  Oh man is Nathaniel West a headtrip.  Probably the biggest one I've read since Edward Cullen.  I'll have my review up closer to the release date.

♥More Than Rivals (90%) - I have just a little bit left to go but I was pretty tired after all the fireworks last night so I'll finish it today.  I can't wait to write a review for this book.

♥Tangled - I want to start this when I finish More Than Rivals.  Probably this afternoon.  The kids are worn out and the husbands out and about so I'll have time to myself. 

I'm a little farther behind that I thought and I probably won't be able to finish all five books by Sunday night but I'm predicting I'll at least be halfway through Walking Disaster.  We had a lot of fun on Independence Day and the day before and it wore me out. But man is it fun. 


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