Wednesday, June 12, 2013

{ top ten chapter books for kids }

It's our first official week of summer vacation are I've only heard "I'm bored" twice.  That's a new record around here.  The first time I heard it last year was on the Sunday after we got out.  I've planned some activities to do but I'm also a big believer in downtime as well and my favorite downtime thing to do is read.

Well, my favorite thing to do anytime is read, but that's beside the point.  My kids enjoy reading and I like to encourage that.  Summer maybe a time for playing and letting loose but I also want them to keep their minds sharp as well. 

So we read. 

I also like some of the discussions that we have on what we've read as well.  One of the things that my daughter's teacher recommended she work on was her reading comprehension and being able to describe what happened in the books she reads.  Chapter books are great for that.  Here is what we will be reading this summer...

The New Captain Underpants Collection

I've only had the pleasure of reading one Captain Underpants story, I do know that my oldest likes them.  But only sort of.  They are, in her opinion, books for "boys" and she doesn't want to read about boogers.  Boys will love them.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Box of Books

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is for both boys and girls, at least in this house.  I love the diary style of the books and all the drawings that go along with each entry.  Reading these books with my girl is one of our favorite ways to read together and I use the situations to ask her how she feels about them. Win, win!

The Dork Diaries

I haven't had a chance to read this series yet but my girl has read through the whole series in a matter of days.  We downloaded a few to the Kindle for her even because she couldn't wait for them to come in at the library.  I wonder where she gets that from?

The Hardy Boys

I secretly read the Hardy Boys when I was younger.  Why secretly?  Because in my 4th grade class your were either Nancy or not.  But I had a big crush on Frank Hardy and always wanted him to marry Nancy Drew.  That would have be awesome, right?

Harry Potter

One of my greatest hopes is that one of my kids turns out to be a Potterhead.  Is that strange?  There's nothing like falling into Harry's world and I want to share that with them like you wouldn't believe.  That and I need help convincing my husband that we need to visit Harry Potter World in Orlando. 

Judy Moody

I like Judy now but I didn't read them as a kid myself.  I was just outgrowing kid lit when I first heard of Judy so I didn't really pick one up until after I wanted the Judy Moody movie with my daughter.  I love the lessons taught through Judy Moody and the funny writing too.

Junie B. Jones's

Junie B. Jones is another series that teaches good lessons through the story.  Although if Junie was my daughter's friend I would be absolutely exhausted.  I really wish someone would make a Junie B. movie too. 

Magic Tree House

The Magic Tree House books are a great series for both boys and girls.  The story of a brother and sister who can through time and space with their magic tree house is great for kids who like the more fantasy side of books.  They are pretty short though so we always check out a few at a time from the library. 

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew

A updated version of Nancy Drew!  But I still think of Nancy as a grown up and not a little girl though.  It is nice to know though that Nancy, Bess and George were just as good of friends when they were girls too. 

Never Girls

The Never Girls are perhaps my favorite new series in awhile.  It's a relaltively new series that focuses on 4 friends who are magically transported to Neverland and are now "lost girls".  The characters are some of the best I've seen in children's book and the fantasy element will hook little girls. 

What are your favorite chapter books for children?


  1. YAY for summer vacation! I love the Hardy Boys books!


  2. I think we've read all of those except the last one, The Never Girls. I'll have to look into that one.

  3. I read Nancy Drew and The Hardy boys too, also loved Enid Blyton's famous five series and secret seven growing up. My almost 7 year old is finally into reading chapter books for fun it's so great to see him gain this love of reading. He also ADORES Harry Potter... We read it to him each night up to 4 pages , we're up to book 5 and he can't get enough. It's our fun bonding thing and we totally would go to Harry Potter World. I went to Warner Bros studios in UK in Nov and it was AMAZING... Can't wait to take the boys when we go next time. Butter beer is scrumptious !


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