Tuesday, June 4, 2013

{ top summer reading programs for children }

My kiddos last day of school for the year is this Friday and they are already planning all of the things that they want to do over the next few months. While playing outside until it's too dark to see and running through the sprinklers is on tap to do, I also want to make sure that they have a few "educational" activities as well. 

Summer reading is one of my absolute favorite programs to participate in.  The kids get to do fun activities and I get to make sure that they are (hopefully) still retaining some of what they learned in the past year.

Some of my favorite online programs are...

Barnes and Noble Reading - Barnes and Noble has a wonderful program where you can earn a free book off their summer reading list when your child brings in a completed reading list that you can download from their site.  They also have activities that you can download from an exclusive kit too.

American Girl Read-a-palooza - Besides in-store events all summer long, their website is full of reading resources, American Girl trivia and character spotlights. 

Book Adventure - Book Adventure has a "Create your own Reading Challenge" for kids and a lengthy resources list.  One of my favorite things on this site is how children can come back after reading a book and quiz what they've read and earn prizes.  Win, win!

Scholastic - Read what you want for Scholastic's Summer Reading Challenge.  Kids just log their reading minutes each day and set weekly reading goals to earn prizes.  The also have the opportunites to take extra challenges as well.  All minutes count towards a World Record goal and a "How Far Can You Read?" chart (right now we're at Big Ben.)

These are just a few of the online summer reading programs available but don't forget to check at your local library for their programs as well.  Our local library has a fantastic program each year and we have a huge summer-end party at the end.  Does your library have a summer program? 


  1. What a fantastic list! I found you on the kid lit blog hop. Stanley & Katrina are now following you on twitter and blog lovin'. I will share this great list. Well done.
    ~Christine M/Cool Mom
    Tech Support for Stanley & Katrina

  2. WOW this is a fantastic resource and such an exciting time over summer. I am in the southern hemisphere so we are approaching winter but nothing like a snuggly trip to the library. Thanks so much for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop, cheers Julie Grasso

  3. I have always loved Summer Reading Programs even when I was younger too. We always try to do the Barnes & Noble one, but I am leaning more toward the Scholastic program this time. Thank you for putting together this list! It really helps us make sure we are reading to our children and they are getting fun for their brain, not just the fun activities of summer.
    Great Job!!
    Amy@Kids Corner For Super Reading

  4. Here from the Kid Lit Blog Hop. I'm in the UK and our children have another six+ weeks of school left before we start our summer reading challenge. There's one based in libraries every summer which is great fun with stickers and an "award ceremony" at the end. I wish we had a chance to get a free book though, that Barnes and Noble one looks great. Enjoy your summer reading :-)

  5. Thanks so much for sharing these in the Kid Lit Blog Hop Brighton. I'm really curious about the Scholastic one. I wonder if the Canadian site is doing something similar. Must check it out! Thanks!! :)


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