Thursday, June 13, 2013

{ characters to relate too }

I read a lot of books. So many in fact that I've finally downloaded one of those apps to help you keep track of what you read because after buying the same book you already own multiple times, well that's just a little frustrating.

When I thought about this weeks and the topic of characters you relate too...a little more frustration. I'm a stay at home mom in my early 30s in a small town, there aren't many characters I relate to in that way. I mostly read about people and places that I'll most likely never meet or see, am I right? So I decided to approach today's topic from a fantasy point of view.

In my fantasy world of relating to a character I would want to be Rylann Pierce and Cameron Lynde the U.S. Attorneys in Julie James' FBI/U.S. Attorney Series.

They are independent and strong women who work in a man's world and I like that. I've never had a desire to be a lawyer though. I'd have to get over my debilitating fear of public speaking first and be willing to spend years in school. And my idea of FBI love interest is more Dr. Spencer Reid than Jack Pallas too.

I love that the women in Julie James' series are independent and take care of themselves.  They are quick witted and tough as nails (but soft on the inside).  They aren't really me in real life but they are characters I like to read about the most.  Does that make them more relateable?  Maybe.  I don't think that everything about a character has to click with you to make them relateable.  Sometimes it's just a few traits or perhaps even a just quirk they have.  I've even picked up a book because of the characers name before.

What characters do you relate to the most?


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