Thursday, May 2, 2013

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I have a confession to make.  It may make me sound kind of stuffy and boring and not at all fun...but I've never had a hangover.  At least in the alcoholic sense.  I've never been drunk.  At all.  I've never experienced that morning after hangover that comes with indulging too much the night before and waking up wondering, "why did I do that?"

But I have had the book hangovers.  Lots of them.

I don't know about the alcoholic hangovers but I believe there are different kinds of book hangovers.


I'll Miss You

The first kind of hangover is when I am pulled into a story and make the journey the characters that I've come to love and see their happy ending in sight...and someone dies.  A good example of are the deaths of Cedric Diggory and Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter.  We were warned death was coming but ignored the warnings hoping that they would some how make it.  

Love Me, Love Me Not

My second kind of book hangover involves couples.  About 99.9% of the books I read are in the romance genre and revolve around a couple getting together.  Most couples I enjoy reading and I know that they will get together eventually.  I like seeing them overcome their obstacles to be together.

Meet and have that "spark". Check.
Overcome (sometimes cliche) obstacles.  Check.
Happily Ever After. Check.

But then there are those couples that make me wonder if they should ever be in the same room together, let alone get together.  Abby and Travis from Beautiful Disaster were that couple that made me want bang my head against the wall. Repeatedly.  Even when I came to the end I was still unsure of how I felt about them together.

You'll Never Be The Same

And the last kind of hangover is perhaps the king of all hangovers.  It's those feelings that you have when you finish a book that you can't stop thinking about.  A book that an amazing plot, that ultimate couple and even the most thrilling cliffhanger ever  Or all of the above.  It's the book that keeps you up all hours of the night even when you have to get up at 5am because you can't put it down.  You literally can't separate it from your hands.  And when you finally make it out into the real world and realize that everyone else is going about their business and you wonder how they can be functioning without reading this book.  

The degrees of this hangover can be measured by whether
           a. this book was part of a series (because now you're watching the days on the calendar tick by ever so slowly until the next one comes out).
           b. it was the last one in the series which means you are now mourning the end and there will never be another one.
           c. perhaps the worst of all- it's a stand alone book you feel a little empty and drained and hold onto a smidge of hope that maybe the author will write a sequel. 

I think image pretty much sums it up...

Or maybe this one is even better...

The best way to recover, for me at least, is to take a mental break.  After I finish a hangover worthy book I usually dip back into a book that I know gives me happy feelings.  My favorite go-to books are light, happy reads and typically on the fluffy side.  And it usually has a cowboy. 

Have you ever experienced a book hangover?  And how do you recover?


  1. I agree with you. I have to dip into a book that gives me happy feelings. A light, easy read. My go-to books for getting over a book hangover are Jennifer Crusie books.

  2. Oh I loved this post!
    All of your classifications of hangover types are very accurate! =)

  3. I love the different hangover descriptions. Great post!


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