Friday, May 24, 2013

{ Life-n-Reflection May Finds - Heirloom Textures Vol 3 }

Heirloom Vol 3 Texture
It's no secret that I'm in love with textures.  I love how that give amazing picture that little extra something that turns them into extraordinary pictures.  The Heirloom Vol. 3 textures from Life-n-Reflection and my absolute favorite at the moment. 

You can see below how I've used them on some images that I've shot around town lately to give them that lovely, dreamy look. 


Spring has (finally!) sprung in my area and it's absolutely beautiful. 

There are lots of great things going on at Life-n-Reflection right now.  When you sign up for the Life-n-Reflection Newsletter, you will receive the lovely Sing Song texture!

And that's not all!  Kristy at Life-n-Reflection has also introduced some wonderful programs for her products including Getting Your All Access VIP Pass to the Life-n-Reflection Photo Pizzazz Club, a  Peek Inside May's Party Time Club Kit and What's Inside May's Photo Pizzazz Club Kit.  You don't want to miss out one these amazing items!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. I love your use of textures Brighton, they're always beautiful.

  2. Love these Brighton! I totally smitten by your spring blooms with texture!!


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