Friday, May 31, 2013

{ june book releases... }

June is looking to be a quiet month for new releases. And believe it or not I'm pretty okay with that.  I have eight books sitting on the stand in my room waiting to be read.  They have patiently waited their turn and with the kids almost out of school, hopefully I'll have more time to read.

But that's not to say that what's coming out in June won't be on my stand soon.  The Play By Play series is one of my favorites and I'm sure that One Sweet Ride won't be any different. As a matter of fact, some of the books on my stand are from the Fast Track Series by Erin McCarthy.  I'm not really a race watching person but I do like to read about it!

I'm also looking forward to reading The Submissive. I won it in a Good Reads giveaway this month and just received it in the mail. I did read the original story when it was fanfiction so I'm interested to see where the story will differ and stay the same. I also discovered the KGI Series over the winter and I'm still trying to catch up to the newest release, Forged in Steele, but I may skip ahead because the summary of this one sounds like it's a must read.

What's on your must read list for June?


  1. Joey's grandma reads a lot of Robyn Carr books. She left a few here. I've never read any of her books. Maybe I'll pick one of them up? =)

    Also? My library sent me an email saying my books were ready to be picked up ALL but the BDB book! I'm going to go get them anyway and hope that I'll get that book soon too =(

  2. I'm re-reading the Great Gatsby before I watch the movie! But honestly, it's not my favorite so far...

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