Friday, May 3, 2013

{ 3/30 - 5 things that make me most happy right now }

This week's 30 Things is...

5 Things That Make Me Most Happy Right Now.


1. My Family

I love hanging out with just my kids and my husband.  We rarely get a babysitter because we honestly like taking them places with us.   

2. Having several new books to read.

Of course my to-be-read list is always a mile long but I had a lot of my requested books come in at the library lately and I'm literally in book heaven right now.  I have no idea which one to read first.

3. Being able to spend so much time outside now.

It's finally Spring guys!  Although we went from 50s and rain to 80s and sun practically overnight, I'm okay with that.  The kids only come in to eat dinner and I get to read all my new books on the deck. 

4. Designing and Crafting.

I'm loving the creative lease that I've discovered from opening my new digital shop.  Tweaking the colors and lines until I get them just right satisfying in ways I'm surprised by.

5. Making new friends. 

I've been volunteering more in our local library and my kids' school and I've gotten to know so many people in the past that I would have just smiled at in passing.  It's great to get out and have actual adult conversation too.

What makes you happy?

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