Friday, April 12, 2013

{ 1/30 things - 20 things about me }

I'm beginning my list of 30 things things this week (see this post) and the first topic up is 20 things about me.  Just 20 random things about me...

1. I have my very own set of crayons and colorbook's that I keep separate from the kids. I love to color but I'm so picky about wearing down the tips of crayons.
2.  I've only ever owned 4 cars in life.  I drive them until they fall apart it seems.  My very first car was an old Cavalier that my Grandpa bought when I was 16 and I the first car I bought myself was a 92 Explorer when I graduated high school.  I drive another Explorer right now too.  In the middle was a minivan but I don't like remembering that.  It was the most insane vehicle ever.  That's all. 
3. Peanut Butter Cups are my favorite treat ever. I always have an emergency Reese's peanut butter cup in my purse. I learned the hard way not to leave them in my car. Especially in the summer.
4.  Red is my favorite color. I love red cups, red shirts and red shoes but I'll never paint my nails red.

5.  I would rather read a book than watch tv. Unless it's a show about a book. Then it's ok.

6.  I love cats. I love curling up with on the couch with my cat Charlotte.

7.  Laundry is my least favorite thing to do. I will wash and sort all day long but I dread the folding and putting away part. I try to keep up with it now but before I had kids, my laundry basket was practically my dresser.

8.  I can't eat a hamburger unless it has mustard on it. I love lots and lots of mustard. And I'll put it on almost anything too.

9.  I've been to Mackinaw City more than 20 times in my life. It's my favorite place to vacation. My grandparents used to take me every year when I was younger and I've been a few times since I've "grown up" but not as much as I'd like. I love seeing how the city has changed over the years but it still the same.

10.  I can wander through the woods for hours taking pictures. We have a small wooded area behind our house and my father-in-law has 40 acres of just woods. Except I don't go out at night. I'm also scared of the dark.

11.  Baseball is my favorite sport and the Detroit Tigers are my favorite team. Who's your Tiger?

12.  The Backstreet Boys were the very first concert I ever went too. And I was 18. That's all I want to say about that.

13.  I've used only Neutrogena face products since I was 12 years-old because that was what my best friend's older sister used. I've graduated creams as I've gotten older but it's the one brand I am extremely loyal to.

14.  I love anything with polka dots. My purse is polka dots, my iPad case is ploka dots, my phone case is polka dots. It's a compulsion.

15.  I collect old and new Coke bottles. My husband works outdoors and I love when he brings home old bottles that he finds while he's working. And not cans- just bottles.

16.  I've visited almost every lighthouse in Michigan. Well, in the lower Peninsula at least. I love old lighthouses.

17.  I want to write a children's book someday. I love making up stories to tell the kids at bedtime and I swear that I'm going to write them all down someday. 
18.  I love listening to the fan when I go to sleep.  It's such a relaxing sound to me.  Even in the winter.  And I like how it cancels out the tv from the living room at night if I go to bed first.   
19.  I can bake anything...except chocolate chip cookies. I have no idea why either.  I can bake cakes and cutout cookies but I've burnt or under baked almost every chocolate chip cookie I've ever tried to bake.  I just buy them now. 
20.  I still have my very first Cabbage Patch Doll.  I wanted one of these soooo bad when I was little.  She's been re-sewed many times and her hair is falling out but I love her still the same.

Next week... Three legitimate fears I have and how they became fears.


  1. This was a lovely list to read... It's nice to get to know bloggers on a more 'personal' level.
    I can relate to number 10 on your list.

  2. I love my fan to go to sleep with... In winter i still want it even if I need to sleep with a quilt... Pity my hubby isn't as obsessed :-)

  3. I love to color. I have coloring books in Noah's room. He likes super hero ones obviously... I like baby animals lol.

    I'm also afraid of the dark. I am the biggest chicken!

    This was a fun post to read =)

  4. We would be great friends, we could share crayons without worrying about ruining the tips and I'd give you ALL of my mustard and bake you chocolate chip cookies (can you make a fried egg? because I can't to save my life!)

  5. I too am an epic fan of peanut butter cups! And I love the BSB fact, you know I'm a fan ;). I can't wait for your children's book. I'll definitely buy it :)

  6. you crack me up - i hate dull or flat crayons too! :)


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