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It's Thursday!  And that means it's book chat day and Jessica and Ashley are talking about your favorite book setting.  It took me awhile to figure this one out.  Books are set in so many different places and cities.  Sometimes they are set in a place that isn't really real.  

A lot of my favorite books have been set in places that we can only go to in our imagination like Hogwarts and the Emerald City. They are wonderful places but when I think about my favorite setting it isn't really a specific place but an idea of a place.


This may sound crazy seeing as I am on the other side of thirty (33 to be exact) but my favorite setting for book is a college atmosphere.

Yes, college.

I did go to college but it was a smaller one close to my hometown and I didn't live on campus.  I lived at home and commuted the whole time.  I had friends in my classes but I didn't socialize with anyone outside of the classroom.  The college had it's own athletic teams but they weren't very well known.  I don't even think there were any sororities and fraternities.

So I like reading books about that time in people's lives.  I like reading about coming into your own and finding out who you are. Sometimes it's story that I'm taken with and it just happens to be set in college like in Gabriel's Inferno and Gabriel's Rapture.  The relationship between the two characters is taboo because it is professor/student but it could also very well be boss/employee, etc.

I also decided that sports themed stories are my second favorite setting and The Perfect Game is a perfect mix of the two.  It's a wonderful, heartbreaking story about a good girl and the bad boy jock.  I am such a sucker for a bad boy jock.  

So yes, my favorite book setting is in college.  It's not really a vicarious thing or living in the past.  I truly loved that time in my life and reading books set in that time brings back the good memories and I let's me see into the part of it that I didn't at the time.

And I know that Beautiful Bastard isn't set in college but Chloe is a college student so it's close enough.  I just love that book.

What's your favorite book setting?


  1. What a good idea! To see what setting is most common in your favorite reads. I think mine would have to be settings in the wild. I like a lot of books set in the outdoors, in a camplike setting.
    Great post!

  2. I agree with Jessica. I've never thought to see if the books I like carry a common setting. I should do that!

    Also? I want to make that sign and stick it in my yard lol.

    1. I love that sign as well and hope to make one for my garden!

  3. Now my favorite settings seem all-over-the-place! I like the idea of college as a setting, but I'm not sure I'd like books set in college right now, since I'm still a college student. I think that's a setting I might need a bit of distance to really enjoy. I know that happens with me and young adult books. When I was the target age for YA novels, I avoided them because I had enough fellow teenagers in my life, fictional or not. Now that I'm about to graduate from college, I like YA a lot more, because I've had some distance from that age, even if only a few years. I think books set in college might be the same way.

  4. It's amazing what a setting can do - I hate novels written in high school (I don't feel like I can, or should be able, to relate) but college books? Definitely!

  5. I love settings that take place in the outdoors!

  6. First, I love that signpost image. I used it in a blog once and it just summed up all my favorite fantasy series perfectly. :) Second, who doesn't love college? I've only been out for 14 months and I miss it! Haha.

  7. I love that picture directing you to all those wonderful places! As I was writing my post I did think about Narnia. I love Narnia...what an amazing place to be! I can relate to college set books. I too like that time of life and finding out what kind of places. I also really like books where people are in between college and the rest of their life.
    *erica* ~ you're newest follower :)

  8. I didn't get around to linking up, but I definitely agree with your first picture. There are so many wonderful settings. That's why we read! I personally have HP and #1.

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