Thursday, March 21, 2013

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It's Thursday!  It's there a Thursday song?  Never mind, I don't want to know if there is because otherwise it could get stuck in my head forever like some other song and I'd never get a moment of peace.  Why do some of the most annoying songs get stuck in your head anyway?  When my oldest went through her Wiggles phase I would wake up in the middle of the night with those songs in my head.  How unfair is that?  

But back on to today's actual topic it's book chat day! Each week Jessica at Sweet Green Tangerine hosts my favorite linkup of the week and this week's topic is what you are currently reading.  I actually just finished reading Too Hot to Handle by Victoria Dahl on Tuesday.   

It's a fun, light-hearted book and has very strong main characters- just what I was looking for this week. Although I think when Merry finds out what Shane was originally up to she could have made him suffer a little more.  Or that could just be the mood that I was in this week.

Another reason I choose to read Too Hot To Handle earlier this week because I knew I was going to re-read through the entire Black Dagger Brotherhood in anticipation of next Tuesday's release of Lover At Last.

I started with Dark Lover Tuesday night and I should finish Lover Awakened sometime this evening.  It's such a complicated series and with only one book a year released, I forget some of the little things that happened in the previous books that will now matter in the newest book.  

But that's also one of my favorite things about reading a series though.  I like seeing the same characters over and over again and watching them grow.  I like reading hints being dropped in each book that you don't realize are hints until you finally get to the next book.  It's things like that that make happy.  See it doesn't take much. 

What are you currently reading?


  1. I usually prefer to read a series over just a single book. I also like getting to see the characters over and over again. You really get to know them.
    I've never heard of J. R. Ward. I think I'd read them just to see that hot man on the cover! =)

  2. Oh yeah I love those little hints too! I think once I finish what I'm reading now, I will skim through the BDB series. I don't think I'll read each one, but I want to just get my head in that world again. I'm so stupid excited.

    I have never wanted to see a couple get together more than this one!!

  3. I just read the first in the Black Dagger series - I'm not sure what I think yet, but I'll probably read the next one!

  4. The best part of The Book Chat is seeing new books that I might never discover on my own... thanks for introducing me to the Black Dagger Brotherhood... :)

  5. LOL I definitely laughed about there being a Thursday song. I am loving all the new looks of your blog Brighton!


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