Wednesday, March 13, 2013

{ life-n-reflection march }

{ W a n d e r l u s t  T e x t u r e s }

This month I decided to go back to my love of textures.  When I first started exploring the editing process of my photos I saw that a lot of people were using textures and I have to tell you they scared me to death.  It was easy to add the texture to my photo but what did I do next?  Overlay? Soft light?  Percentages?

I was so lost.

In the video below, Kristy from Life-n-Reflection walks you though the process of using textures on your photos.  If you go to her YouTube Channel she has several more wonderful tutorials to help you best use her products with Photoshop.

I had the opportunity to work with the Wanderlust Textures this month and I love how they work with all my winter photos.  It's been a wild and crazy wither around here and they work so well with whatever is going on outside my window.  
{ wanderlust 6 @ 100% }
{ wanderlust 8 @ 100% }

{ wanderlust 5 @ 100% }

{ wanderlust 7 @ 50% }

And that's not all.  Kristy is also offering a FREE Snowflake Overlay on her site.  

{ S n o w f l a k e  O v e  r  l a y }
See how I used it below on one of my favorite winter photos ever?
{ snowflake @ 40% }

And here's another tutorial from Kristy on using overlays on your photos as well.


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