Friday, March 29, 2013

{ coming soon... }

I'm almost finished reading what I had planned on for March and it's just in time because April is right around the corner.  There are some great books coming out this month too and I am really looking forward to reading them outside as the weather gets warmer.

Click on each image to go to its Amazon page.

What books are your looking forward too?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

{ - are you an aspiring author? }

It's day again and I have to admit that this week's topic had me stumped at first.  

Are you an aspiring author?

Well, I write a blog?  Does that make me an aspiring author?  Or is an author...


But if  you look up aspiring in the dictionary is says this...

The definitions from Google for aspiring state longing, aiming and directing ones hopes and while some synonyms from are "yearn" and "strive." Author's basic definition is writer with synonyms like "writer" and "compose". 

I see a pattern for aspiring- there’s a lot of dreaming, but none of those words involve taking action.

Only you can move yourself from "person who writes" to "aspiring author".  Actually, I'm not sure if aspiring author is the right way to say it.  Your aren't an author if you don't write, but if you are writing, you are doing it.

You are an author.  You've met your initial goal, right?  You can't aspire to something you've already achieved.

Whether you are writing a book or writing a blog-you are doing it.  You are an author even if your books hasn't been published.  You are an author even if your blog doesn't have thousands of hits a day.

An author is someone who has written.

But here's where the aspiring part comes in.  Aspire to be published.  Aspire to make the best seller list. Aspire to make connections.

It's almost ridiculously easy to self-publish these days.  There are hundreds of books on Amazon about publishing and how to go about it.  And don't forget everyone's best friend Google.  You can find out how avoid the pitfalls of an aspiring author and find workshops that help you prep your submissions.

I consider myself the author of my blog.  I am the one writing it after all. It's my thoughts and stories.  It's not a story in the usual sense, but it's mine.

Do I aspire to author a book?  Someday.  I think all voracious readers at one point or another want to.  The old saying is the best authors are the best readers, right?  I have a long way to go until I ever get to the point of pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) but I aspire to.

Until that time I'll read all the wonderful and best-selling authors, the indie authors of Amazon and even the do-it-for-fun authors on fan fiction.

Because above all I am a reader.

Are you an aspiring author?  I love reading new works and would love to read yours.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

{ favorite children's rhyming books }

Reading is a major activity in our house.  I grew up with my nose in a book and it would be pretty cool if my kids did too.  A big part of our bedtime routine is curling up on the couch in the boys' room and reading a few books before it's lights out.  

Each night everyone gets to pick a book to read.  Sometimes the kids like to read the same book for several days and sometimes they switch it up. I think our longest streak was 12 days of Ten on a Sled.  I can practically recite that one from memory.  They love to read the same books over and over but I don't.  

This is where rhyming books come in.  I love reading rhyming books.  I love trying to twist my tongue around the words and hearing the rhyming patterns that they make.  It keeps me on my toes.  The kids love the silly combinations that are created, especially in Dr. Seuss books.  

Dr. Seuss is my personal rhyming hero but there are also a lot of other wonderful rhyming books out there too.  Below is are some of my favorite rhyming books to read. 

And this is such a small sampling of all the great books out there for all ages.  Each of the books listed above are by authors who have several other books available (duh, Dr. Seuss) and most are available at your local library.  

What are your favorite rhyming books?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{ book review - highlander most wanted }

Title: Highlander Most Wanted
Series: The Montgomerys and Armstrongs, Book 2
Author: Maya Banks
Genre: Historical romance
Source: review copy from publisher via NetGalley
Published: March 19, 2013 
Buy at Amazon

Genevieve McInnes is locked behind the fortified walls of McHugh Keep, captive of a cruel laird who takes great pleasure in ruining her for any other man. Yet when Bowen Montgomery storms the gates on a mission of clan warfare, Genevieve finds that her spirit is bent but not broken. Still, her path toward freedom remains uncertain. Unable to bear the shame of returning to a family that believes her dead or to abandon others at the keep to an imposing new laird, Genevieve opts for the peaceful life of an abbess. But Bowen’s rugged sensuality stirs something deep inside her that longs to be awakened by his patient, gentle caress—something warm, wicked, and tempting.
Bowen seizes his enemy’s keep, unprepared for the brooding and reclusive woman who captures his heart. He’s enchanted by her fierce determination, her unusual beauty, and her quiet, unfailing strength. But wooing her will take more than a seasoned seducer’s skill. For loving Genevieve, he discovers, means giving her back the freedom that was stolen from her—even if it means losing her forever.

Despite the beginnings of the story it is a wonderful and heartfelt romance.  Genevieve's year of captivity left physical and emotional scars but she still survived.  The shame and unworthiness she felt were heavy but she was able to not let those feeling pull her under.  Bowen's honesty and protectiveness allowed Genevieve to get past those feelings and I was so happy to see her do that.

I love a hero that's not afraid to fall in love and Bowen is one of the best male characters I've read all year.  He is a strong and honorable man and believes in standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. At the beginning of the story Bowen was a unsure of Genevieve but his eventual understanding of Genevieve's feelings and what the lifelong struggles she could/will face made me fall in love with him a little more.

There really wasn't anything that I didn't like about this book.  The reactions of all the characters were true and believable to the story.  There was no magic "fix" for Genevieve and she and Bowen tackled her feelings together. 

“I love you, Bowen Montgomery. I love you so very much, and that will never change, even when we're old and gray. I thank God for you every single day, and that you came and lifted me from the depths of despair. You showed me how it can be with a man who loves me, and you've shined light on the darkest shadows of my memories.” 

Monday, March 25, 2013

{ project life monday - printables roundup }

It's been a busy weekend and this week will be the same.  It's the good kind of busy though.  Two of my kiddos have birthdays this week, there's a book fair at school, a community event with Justin Verlander's parents (so excited!) and lastly, Easter dinner.

So yeah it's busy and I haven't had a chance to create any new designs but I want to share some of my favorites from around Pinterest this week.

Source: via Brighton on Pinterest

Enjoy your week! 
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