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It's great timing that this week's is all about movies, ya know with the Oscars this weekend, and a lot of this years nominees are movies based on books.  So what books would I like to see as movies? I did a little googling before I stated writing this because I don't typically read a lot of type books that are made into movies.  At least until I'm going to see the movie.  

My favorite kind of books are romances and while a lot of romance books are made into movies, I mostly stick to the same authors and series.  I'm not that big on change.  The one thing I love about series are getting to see the same characters that I've read about before again and see them interact with characters I'm getting to know better.  Does that make sense?  

So here are some of my favorite book series that I'd like to see made into movies...

In Death Series
I would do backflips and cartwheels if the In Death series ever made it to the big screen.  I've heard rumors for years but nothings ever come of it.  Can you imagine how hot the screen would be between Eve and Roarke?  And I don't think there's another buddy than Peabody.  Oh, and McNabb's fashions.  I want to see how an Auto Chef works too because that would be the best invention ever.

Black Dagger Brotherhood 
The Black Dagger Brotherhood would probably be the hardest on my list to translate on to film, there is a lot of violence...and profanity.  A lot of profanity but still, I'd love to see the Brothers and their shellans.  I also think the fight scenes would be pretty amazing too.  But those wouldn't be the real scenes I'd want to see...

Bride Quartet
Mac, Emma, Laurel and Parker are like the glam squad for weddings in their little town. Wouldn't this be a fantastic rom-com?  Or it could go the way of Sex and the City with a tv show and them a movie?  But I love all things weddings and the relationship and history between the four girls.  This would be a happy movie!

FBI/US Attorney Series
 I've never really talked about my love for Julie James books a whole lot here.  I'm not sure how widely known they are but if you're not into over the top romances you'd like them.  I want to see the strong women  and confident FBI agents and lawyers solving crimes and falling in love.

Heiress For Hire
And just so it's not all about the series I read this book several years ago and it was a funny and cute.  Amanda is a socalite cut-off by her father and takes a job as a babysitter to a farmer's little girl.  It's cute, it's funny and the relationship between Amanda and Danny is fun to watch unfold.  It's a classic recipe for rom-com.

Sometimes when I read a book it's easy to picture what the character looks like in my head and sometimes it's not so easy.  The number one reason I'd like to see a book as a movie is to actually see the interaction between the characters and see something that before was just in your head, come to life.

It can be done wonderfully (Harry Potter) and not so wonderfully (The League of Extraordinary Gentleman) or the casting can just be wrong (some of the X-Men cast).  What books do you want to see as movies?

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  1. I could totally see the BDB on HBO like True Blood. I would DVR that! lol
    And I totally understand the love of series. When I talk about BDB to people I refer to the characters like I know them. But I have read over 10 books about the same people.

  2. I agree with Jess, I haven't read JR Ward, but her novels remind me EXACTLY of something HBO would publish, and it's certainly a long enough series by now!

  3. Yes yes yes! I would LOVE seeing the Julie James series on the big screen - they would make such great chick flicks. But, smart, witty, independent chick flicks :)

  4. Wow you got full series so you could see years of movies. I haven't read any of them, but who you are ambitious.

  5. I've been thinking about reading mystery/suspense books. I never really got into genre fiction all that much besides YA, but all those cop shows (i.e. Castle and Bones and Rizzoli & Isles and Psych) have me wanting to read some mystery literature.

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