Friday, February 22, 2013

{ oscar sunday predictions }

I'm linking up with Jessica at Sweet Green Tangerine for her Oscar Party this weekend and I can't remember the last time that I was excited to watch the Oscars.  I've always read the winners the day after and watched the fashion reviews but I've never really been into watching the show.  

Not this year.  

This year I am looking forward to the Oscars and it's mostly because this year I've seen or at least read most of the nominees.  Most of the movies this year and well know and not obscure, strange films that I've never even heard of until they nominated and then never heard of again.  

My predictions this are are absolutely based on who I want to win.  I have no idea what's creating "buzz" or who has "momentum" coming into this weekend.  Most of those articles are usually wrong anyway.  By far I am pulling for Silver Linings Playbook.  Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper are two of my favorite actors right now.  Can I just say that I want to see a shot of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Garner on the Red Carpet so I can say, "It's Syndey and Will!".  Do you remember that show?  I loved that show.  

Anyway, I finished reading Silver Linings Playbook not too long ago and made it to the theatre just in time to see it before it was gone.  I am so glad it did because it was amazing.  The book itself was well written and the movie had all the right parts and all the right actors.  I'm gushing but it was really that good.  I really, really hope that it wins the Best Movie.


As much as I praised Silver Linings Playbook above, I want to see Hugh Jackman win the Best Actor award.  I have not seen his performance as a whole in Les Miserables but he is such a wonderful actor and nice guy that I want to see him win.  I think his acceptance speech would be one of the best of the night too.


She may be a newcomer and one of the younger nominees but if I could pick one award where I was assured a winner it would be Jennifer Lawrence.  She gave an amazing performance as Tiffany.  There were times where I cringed at how raw it really was.  I can't say enough good things about how much she wowed me and now I'm rambling.  There aren't many movies I buy anymore with having Netflix and Amazon around but I am definitely buying this one.  

I read over the ballot here and made my picks for the categories that I recognized as well.  I didn't make picks for things like Best Cinematography or Best Foreign Documentary because it would be just guessing because I either don't understand exactly what it is or have never heard of it.  So yeah, but if someone explained it to me that would be okay too.

Do your winners match up with mine?

Sadly, there will be no Oscar party at my house because it is a school night and my husband is more excited to watch Ax Men than the Oscars.  But if I was having a party then this site has some great ideas and a super pretty ballot.


Who are you voting for?


I love comments!

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