Friday, February 8, 2013

{ my favorite reads - project life and the everyday }

I am on an organizing kick again.  I have that habit of sometimes doing a lot of never feeling like I finished something.  It's pretty frustrating.  I have so many new things coming up in blogland and in real life that I sometimes can't even remember what I've done and haven't done.  So I'm always on the search for new ideas on keeping myself together.  

And I'm looking to streamline more things in the everyday as well.  I started working in the book Organize Now and it's great in giving me suggestions in streamlining everything and cutting out the unnecessary.  I like that.  Here are some of my favorite everyday links from this week.


  1. Love these links - I'm gonna make those strawberry shortcake stacks for a party this weekend!

  2. These are great links! I'm always looking for easy, every day recipes, so thanks for sharing! xoxo

  3. LOVE listgirl! Thank you so much for introducing her site to me.


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