Wednesday, February 13, 2013

{ life-n-reflection secret recipe for super mom's }

There's a new guide in town and I have a sneak peek to share with you.  The Secret Recipe for Super Mom's is out now and it's jam packed with all kinds of goodies.  
This is a whimsical, yet practical guide to ideally managing your household. Begin to apply the tips, guides, planners, and challenges anytime of the year to transform your day to day life!
Giddy to know what's inside?
It's 70+ Pages stuffed full of guides, planners, checklists, labels, and everything you need to look, feel, and act like a SUPER MOM!

Here's a little sneak peek:
- Babysitter Black Book
- Goal Setting Worksheets
-  Re-usable Play-date and Sports Calendars
-  Birthday and Thank You Cards
-  Emergency Forms
- 30 Day Organized Bliss Challenge
-  Let's Read Together Program and Materials
-  Menu Planner, Recipe Cards, Pantry Labels & More
-  Last Minute Gift Giving Guide for every occasion
-  Blank Monthly Wall Calendars
-  Family Chores Chart, Certificates, and Awards

And here's how I am using them at home...
This is my "Command Center".  All papers,calendars, flyers, etc are posted here and marked on the calendar.  Notes to remember go on the white board and my cleaning chart is hanging above.  It makes me look organized, right? 

And here is my Big Girl's chore chart.  She doesn't really have a lot of "chores" at this time but this way she can keep track of her responsibilities.  The hearts are days that she doesn't have to do something and the slash was for a snow day this week.  There have been a lot of slashes there lately.  If she completes her chart for the week then she receives her allowance on Sunday before we go grocery shopping.  That $3 really burns a hole in her pocket.

The Big Man has some of the same responsibilities as his sister but a lot of them him and I do together like picking out clothes and brushing his teeth.  So far Kindergarten has not had homework.  That would be crazy.  So he has "badges" her receivers through the week when he does something good.  Eventually I will get them laminated, but for now they are just coated in lots of ModPodge.  When we "catch" him doing something good he gets his badge and if he's really good, like sharing or helping out, then receives one of the award certificates.  At the end of the week he can redeem them for extra bed time or more Mario time.

It's still a relatively new system but so far it's working well.  Each kiddo likes the visual of what they have to do/still do and having a tangible badge that they did something good.  There are so many more things in the Secret Recipe for Super Mom's that I am looking forward to doing.  I'm going to need a lot of ink.


  1. This would be perfect for our grandchildren! I hope you will share it at my hop tomorrow. Hugs

  2. Wow, I love to see everything in action. I would have loved getting badge as kid too!


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