Wednesday, February 6, 2013

{ let's get physical - february }

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Oh my was January better then December.  It's a little easier to get back on track after the holidays when the rest of the country is going through its yearly January health kick.  For the most part anyway.  I seem to have drawn the multiple bake sale and snack days at school straw this month.  It's just taste testing, right?

It's getting easier to choose the water over pop.  
I've found that using those Mio shots make me feel like I'm drinking something besides water. Like mind over matter, maybe?  Whatever works!

I still have yet to find a consistent workout routine.  
I do it for a few days and then I get bored.  I've been through Zumba and several of every kind that's available on Netflix. I just got my Amazon Prime hooked up to my tv so I plan on searching there next.  Any  suggestions?

I'm starting to become a snacker.  
A few M&M's here and a few crackers there.  It's all starting to count.  I keep small snacks on hand for the kids to have so I don't have to run back and forth all the time but I'm starting to swipe a few here and there.  Who knew I could still love fruit snacks? 
A lot of M&M's.
A lot of M&M's. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cold weather and all the snow days is seriously prohibiting my ambition to do anything physical.
I'm still getting out and doing cutting wood and stacking it but that's about it for anything outdoors.  Temperatures in the single digits and several inches of snow really keeps you indoors.  We just bought Wii Fit Plus and the balance board so I'm looking forward to playing with that.

I've bought a lot of "healthy" food lately, but had to throw some of it away because it went bad before I (or anyone else) at it.
I kind of went crazy and bought a bunch of fruits and veggies one week and didn't eat them before they went bad.  Our "local" Meijer's is 35 minutes away and their produce is much better than the in town grocery store.  I have a pickle indeed.  I've been trying to put all my eat-veggies-and-fruits days in a row instead of spacing them out.  I need to work on that.
I've been using my french fry cutter way too often.  
I got a super spiffy french fry cutter for Christmas and I love it.  I have this strange fascination with watching the potato push through the blades and come out as fries.  Maybe they can be a weekend treat?

Use My Fitness Pal
To work out at least 3 days a week
Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

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  1. Who says fruit snacks are just for kids?! I go to BJs and buy a large box of the Welch's fruit snacks. They're kind of addicting. And I like to think they're a bit healthier than cookies. Maybe?

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. I get so addicted to fruit snacks, like I eat an entire box instead of one bag so I can't keep them in the house! It sounds like you have great goals for this month, good luck!

  3. Since you get bored, why don't you mix it? I think that might help. Do it randomly so it doesn't ever feel like you've scheduled a particular work out. Maybe a jar with all the types of work outs your interested in and you pull out something different every time.

    Fruit snacks are great. Especially the fun ones. I also like the fruit roll ups or fruit leather. I think they're a good snack as long as they don't have loads of sugar.

    Good luck with your goals. I may have to give in and try My Fitness Pal again.

  4. Well done for keeping on working on your goals,

  5. i think i'm gonna use my fitness pal again. i've been super slacking on that.

  6. Yay on the water consumption! I've never tried a mio but I'm intrigued now! I have the same problem with buying healthy foods but not consuming them in time but I'm trying to get good at checking Pinterest for good graphics on how to preserve foods. Especially fruits, a lot of that can be handled and frozen for later consumption! Thanks for linking up again Brighton! :)

  7. hm, what about using french fry cutter for baked veggies? I love baking potatoes and vegetables, sprinkled with olive oil.


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