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Take 2 by Linda Bolton

Author: Linda Bolton
Genre: Adult Romance 
Published: December 27, 2012
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Has Alexandra found love a second time around with Derek or is he a Hollywood Playboy?

When Alexandra wins a trip to her favorite talk show, she has no idea her celebrity crush, Derek Dunbar, is there. They share an intimate moment and go on with their lives. A near fatal car accident brings Derek back into her life. Can they make a relationship work or are the pressures of Hollywood, fans and paparazzi too much for Alex?  

What I thought:
I was very intrigued by the premise.  I mean, who doesn't dream about an amazing evening with celebrity like Derek?

The build up of the story was an absolute roller coater.  Alex, a mother and wife from Texas, wins a dream trip to New York and the set of her favorite talk show only to find out that her "crush" Derek Dunbar is a guest.  Derek is a high profile actor with press, fans and paparazzi after him at every shot.  Their worlds are as far apart as you can get.  After spending the evening with him she returns to her life back in Texas.  Alex and Derek keep in touch and life continues on until she loses her husband in an accident.

Alex and Derek reunite and spend the rest of the story on some major globe-trotting, whirlwind movie sets and crazy adventures.  And by crazy adventures, I mean absolutely nuts. But in the end Derek comes to the realization on what he wants, not what everyone else thinks he should want.  

I loved the craziness of Take 2 and in an alternate world would love the chance to get caught up in a romance like theirs.  All of the characters had such defined personalities and made you really feel what they were going through.  Linda Bolton did a fantastic job for her first book and I just loved Derek.  It's absolutely worth checking out.

Read An Excerpt:
“Go”, “Two minutes”, was hollered out. Alex felt nervous even though most of the men at the speed-dating meeting didn’t appear her type. The fact that they wouldn’t find her their type bothered her most. 

            “Hi, my name is Rick. I work at a comic book store” was all Alex heard. He had shoulder length hair, a beard and his shirt was wrinkled.  “Your turn”.
            “Hi, I’m Alex. A widow. Customer service rep. My daughter just got married.”  She was on auto-pilot. She repeated the same thing with every guy. “Tell me more about yourself,” was her next line so she wouldn’t have to really participate. And they did.
            Why did she agree to do this? Kathleen was crazy. She actually looked like she was having fun.
            “Go! Two minutes.”
And it repeated, this time with a manager of Burger King. Ugh! These men were so boring. It’s no wonder they couldn’t find dates. “I love reading and watching science fiction. I have the complete set of Star Wars collectables.”
            This was pure torture. Kathleen owed her. Having her eyebrows waxed was better than this.
            “Go! Two minutes”.
            This one had a real job. “I work at a bank.”
            “Oh, what do you do?” Alex was a bit intrigued. 
            “Oh, I meant to say I worked a bank. Until I went to jail for embezzling. I have served my time and am looking for work right now. I’m on probation for five years,” Mitchell said with a smile. 
            “Isn’t that a felony?” Alex couldn’t believe she was having this conversation. 
            “Yeah, I’ll get a job soon. I’m staying with my mom right now. She has plenty of room and doesn’t mind if I bring the ladies by,” he managed with a wink. 
            “Go! Two minutes”.
            Thank God it was almost over! Alex was never going to repeat this experience. As her last speed-date babbled on about his inability to wear corrective shoes, Alex watched Kathleen laugh and chat away with hers. Kathleen looked like she really enjoyed doing this. Alex was in awe--and misery.
            When it was finally over Alex and Kathleen headed to the bar for a drink to compare notes.
            “This was too much fun! These guys are a riot! I think I may meet the ex-con for drinks later!” Kathleen giggled at the thought of her possible date.
            “Are you insane?” Alex couldn’t believe her ears. 
            “Did you not have fun Alex?” Kathleen looked genuinely surprised.
            “Kathleen, I realize your fun and my fun are two totally different things. You know I would do anything for you but NEVER ask me to do this again! It was pure torture!” Alex didn’t mean to come across so agitated but she just couldn’t help it.
            Kathleen looked a bit hurt but after her first margarita she was understanding and agreed to take her sister next time. Alex couldn’t wait to get home, take a long shower and crawl into bed. Suddenly, being alone sounded wonderful.

About the Author
Take 2 is Linda Bolton’s first novel is available on Amazon. When she’s not writing, she is a GiGi, playing with her new granddaughter Z, and working full-
time. While working on a future projects Linda can be found:

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