Thursday, January 24, 2013

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It's Thursday and that means it's day!  I'm linking up with Jessica and her lovely co-host Megan and we're chatting about what we are currently reading.  

I don't know about you but at any given time I am in the middle of at least two books.  Sometimes even three and four.  What book I pick up usually depends on my mood.  My mood can also be turned around by what I'm reading too.  The 3 books I'm reading right now...
I LOVE this book!  Actually, I've already read it once and it was so amazing that I'm rereading it again.  It just sucked me from the first night and I read until my iPad was falling out of my hand (because I was falling asleep).  The dialogue is fantastic and the feelings that Chloe and Bennett have for each other are so well written and they just pull at my heart.  They are two very memorable characters and I can't wait to share my review soon.

I just started reading this one over the weekend and it's so hard to put down.  It's my new bedtime book and even though the story is pretty heavy at times.  I want to see the movie but I have this rule that I can't see the movie until I've read the book, so I've got to get moving otherwise I'll be watching the dvd only.  

I swear to you that someday everyone will know the name Jack F'n Carter.  Sports romances are one of my favorite genres and found this title on a Good Reads List.  I haven't gotten this worked up over a book in a long time.  Do you ever want to be able to reach into a book and yell at a character?  Yeah, that's Jack F'n Carter.

Do you read more than one book at a time?  Does your mood decide what you read like it does to me?


  1. I've tried reading more than one at a time, but I just can't handle it, unless one is on audiobook. I barely have the time to read one as it is. lol
    I didn't know SLP was a book!! I was planning to see the movie next week, but now I think i need to read the book! dangit.

  2. I've want to read Silver Linings Playbook, I saw the movie and loved it, but I'm sure the book is different/possibly better.

  3. I always read more than one at a time too. It used to freak my mom out, but my mentality is that it keeps my brain fresh and it's like a new activity when you switch from one book to another so it keeps me from getting tired of reading. Glad someone else gets it!

    I recently saw the SLP movie, but I didn't realize it was a book. Interesting...

  4. I'm reading three things right now, too! I can do it sometimes, it just depends on what I'm reading. I really wanna read The Silver Linings Playbook, also. Like you, I've been trying to make myself read the books before I can see the films. That's why I'm also in a hurry to start reading Anna Karenina - the movie looks like it'll be amazing.

  5. I'm the SAME way about books and movies, I have to read the book first! But I have to admit, it makes me wayyyyy more critical of the movie.

  6. Had no idea that Silver Linings was a book!!

  7. I just found your blog and I love it. I've been wanting to read Silver Linings Playbook for a while, so I'm excited to see how you think it turns out.


  8. I usually read 2 books at once. 1 on the Kindle app on my iPad and the other an actual book. :) I agree, sometimes you're just in the mood for something different.

    And I absolutely agree, I have to read the book first! Then I can dissect the movie and say "nooo! that's not how it was in the book!!!" haha. :)

  9. I'm reading two books right now too :-) love getting to see what you are reading right now.

  10. I forgot Silver Linings Playbook is a book! I definitely need to read it before I watch the movie. Also, how do you read multiple books at once? I just can't seem to do it!

  11. Swinging by (late) from Thursday's book chat. I'm interested in reading Silver Lining's Playbook. I saw the movie before I knew it was a book. I'm curious to find out how they differ!



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