Thursday, January 17, 2013

{ pet peeves }


I am absolutely thrilled to have the chance to co-host with Jessica this week.  I've made no secret how much I love books and talking about them.  As much as I love books though there those little things that bug me about them.  Okay, not the books themselves but the things that people do with books and those little story bits that turn cliche.

Let me tell you about them...

♥ I've written several short stories and countless papers for school and I know that this is a fine line to walk.  As an author you want to show what the character is thinking and show them interacting with other characters as well.  But you don't need to have several paragraphs about what the character is "thinking" while they are having a conversation.

♥ This is my biggest issue with letting someone borrow a book of mine.  I treat all my books like they are first editions.  I use bookmarks- I've never dog-eared a page.  I used to hoard all my books in my room when I was younger so no one could touch them.  I was (am still) pretty obsessive about it.

♥ My favorite genre is romance.  I love a happily-ever-after book.  I love the love story that is told over the pages.  I love a realistic love story that is.  Perhaps it's because I don't really believe in "love" at first sight that I have a problem when a couple first meet and exchange I love you's within a few pages of meeting.  It's Love, it's more like lust to me.

♥ Yeah, everyone has misunderstanding's.  I misunderstood that my husband wanted hot wings and not spicy barbeque wings.  I've never misunderstood anything to the point to where I haven't talked to him for several days or ran away to some foreign country.  Ever.

♥ For men, possesive and controlling isn't cool- not even for Christian Gray. Women, just because he opened the door for you or wanted to get the check doesn't mean he really things that you should be barefoot and pregnant.  What you are is a big jerk and a b-i-t-c-h and it means that I don't like you.  

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  1. I so agree with you on the instant love and the jerks ! Real people take more that a page to find real love and real men aren't bastards...they should actually care about you and treat you with respect and love.

  2. I hate other people borrowing my books. I either never see it or it's like torn up like no other! I cringe every time someone asks me, Can I borrow this?

    also, this is my first time seeing simplylinked. Is it better than using ilinkz?

  3. I love the "books based on simple misunderstandings". hahaha that is such a good one!

  4. I'm with you on the too much narration or dialogue.
    I do dog ear my pages lol. BUT only if it is my book. I would never do it to a book I borrowed.

  5. LOL I loved the commentary you provided on each of these. Especially the misunderstanding. And I agree with most of the things you mentioned, especially the bent covers, that drives me CRAZY.

  6. I hate when people ask to borrow one of my books because of this as well. I know it's bad, but I usually don't offer/let them do it unless I see them everyday so I can make sure it's being treated right!

  7. Oh man. Instant love drives me nuts!! That was one of my biggest qualms with Twilight. They fell in love immediately, and it was even worse in the movie because they cut so much out. So they literally stared at each other across the cafeteria and then by the next chapter confessing their undying love. It sends the wrong message to young girls. Yeah, being romantic is good, but I can guarantee that the first time Edward leaves his dirty underwear on bathroom floor, Bella's not going to be giving him goo goo eyes.
    ((disclaimer: I LOVED twilight like a nerd the first time I read it even if it sounds like I hated it))

    Also, I totally agree with the controlling male/damsel in distress crap. Fifty Shades was just disturbing to me because it sounded like the beginning of a lifetime movie. I thought, this guy is totally abusive! and that's not just something we can be so light-hearted about this day in age. It was almost offensive.

    Thanks for co-hosting this week!

  8. I can't believe I didn't thing to add overly aggressive alpha-males or uber-feminists to my list! Both are super big peeves of mine as well...same for stupid misunderstandings. Great list! Thanks for co-hosting - I enjoyed coming up with peeves for the topic!

  9. Found you through Sweet Green Tangerine - new follower here! I also hate uber-feminist female leads. Just accept some help every once in a while like a normal person!

  10. I'm a huge reader & love this idea!
    My pet peeve is the obsession with kindles, I love to have a book to hold on to & keep forever in my collection!

    new follower :)


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