Sunday, January 13, 2013

{ project life printables - hello weekday and weekend cards }

I feel kinda awful at saying this, but I still have not finished my week one Project Life layout. I have all my "stuff" together but I just haven't found time yet to pull it all together. I was so off track last week even though everyone was back to school and work. Most of the week at least. Flex schedules and sick days only left me with two days to myself and this isn't looking much better at the moment. I am a person that thrives on routine and I am completely flummoxed I tell ya.

But I am enjoying making my Printables. Watching them come together on my screen is a wonderful feeling. The link below is again for whole sheet prints and individual jpgs for digital scrapbookers. I've been keeping track of all the suggestions that I've been receiving and you'll see some of those in the coming weeks.

download here



  1. These are so adorable! Thank you so much!!

  2. oooh, love these fabulous cards! they are so bright and cheerful! thank you very much for sharing!

  3. I hope you get back to your routine and are able to work on your book soon. In the meantime I am loving the freebies!

  4. These are beautiful! Thank you so much for your generosity!


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