Friday, January 11, 2013

{ my favorite reads - valentines love }

It's almost a month until Valentines Day and the kids are already asking to go get their valentines cards from the store so they get their first choice.  My husband has this "rule" that I can't decorate for a holiday until at least a month before the "date", so no Valentines hearts are up here until Monday.  Party pooper I tell ya.

That doesn't mean I haven't already started to gather my hearts and candy though.  Valentines day is my second favorite candy holiday (after Christmas fudge, of course).  I craved little conversation hearts when I was pregnant with my oldest.  And I love those little coffee cups filled with candies each year too.  I'm a big sucker for the holiday aisle at Target and Meijer's.

This week my favorite reads are all about getting ready for Valentines Day...

My Favorite Valentine Fonts & Graphics for homemade Valentines or Project Life
I love Valentine Placemats  made by kids and they use them too!
Forget beer goggles- I want a pair of Heart Shaped Love Goggles to wear.
I love Pipe Cleaner Bow & Arrows.  Who doesn't love pipe cleaners?
Stacking Valentine Conversation Love Blocks on your mantle or shelf is a cute and quick decoration.


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