Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{ literary junkies - january }


It's another month of Literary Junkies!

Literary Junkies is the book club brainchild of the lovely Lesley and Taylor and this month's book is The Casual Vacancy.

I haven't finished it yet and I'm having a hard time doing so.  It's a little confusing and when I sit it down and walk away or read something else in between...I feel a little lost.  Our Twitter chat (#literaryjunkies) is next Tuesday and I hope that I have it finished by then.  Or maybe someone can fill in all the blanks that I have.

On to this month's questions...

1. Which book could you read over and over? Why?
Lover Eternal (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 2)

I LOVE, LOVE The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.  If I could read one book over and over again forever it would be Zsadist's story.  I usually don't root for the "bad" boy but Zsadist's past is absolutely tragic and the issues and pain he holds inside shape his personality- until his Bella comes into his life.  Their story makes me laugh and cry and come back for more.

2. If you could be any character from any book you've read, who would you be?
If I could be any character you bet your farm it would be EVE DALLAS from the In Death Series.  She is just that badass.  She solves murders, has the best one-liners and she has Roarke.  Why wouldn't I want to be her?  When I picture Eve I see her looking like Kate Beckett.  They both have the same attitude to me although Eve may be a little more...blunt that Kate.

3. Do you ever put a book down because you just can't get into it? Or do you stick it out to the bitter end? Any examples?

I have to admit that I had the hardest time getting into The Hunger Games.  The hardest time.  There have been many that I've had a hard time getting into but THG was the most high profile of late.  If I can't get into a book by the third chapter I just set it aside until I either a) have nothing else to read or b) it strikes my fancy at a later moment.  It can either be weeks or months before I'll come back to it but the only book I've ever stuck out to the bitter end was Uncle Tom's Cabin when I was in high school.  I love to read so reading something I don't like at the moment, not for me.

4. Show us your book shelves! Do you have one designated spot in your house for all your books? Do you scatter them around?

This is really what my bookshelf looks like.  I have a drawer in my kitchen where I have a few cookbooks but I usually get my recipes online anyway and I have a few photography books on a shelf in my bedroom.  That's it.  Otherwise all of my books are on my Kindle.  I love being able to have all of my books with me where ever I am and I love that with my Kindle I never lose what page I'm on.

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  1. Oh I loved the Hunger Games! But I totally know what you mean... It is incredibly slow in the beginning... The third book I thought was the best :D How long have you had a kindle? It will be so much easier later if and when you move and don't have to pack so many books :D hahaha~ that's how I think of my nook.

  2. Wow, you couldn't get into the HG. I have a list of books that I couldn't get into and everyone else seemed to love. Then I wonder - what is wrong with me that I didn't like them?

  3. I still haven't bought a Kindle. :/ There is just something about an actual book that I can't let go of. I really enjoyed The Hunger Games but I know how you feel. There have been several I've read that were terrible.


  4. It's so funny to see those that have moved into the digital age (not me! ha!) and those that haven't...so me! ha! The bookshelves look so differently! haha :)
    I'm having a hard time with the writing in The Casual Vacancy. I feel like she is totally writing over her intended audience. Seriously. Not cool, but I will get this one pushed out somehow. ;) Thanks for linking up!

  5. I am loving my Kindle! I got it for Christmas & I'm already thinking of buying some of my favorite reads (more like re-reads) on Kindle so I can get rid of the paper copy to reduce how much space my books take up! When HG was first becoming popular I thought, oh, that doesn't really sound like something I would like so I just ignored it. Then when the Hubs and I were bored and saw the movie I was left knowing that the book would explain things better. So, I guess in a way I cheated. I don't know that I would have gotten into the book had I not already seen the movie and known that it gets better further in.

  6. Ah the virtual bookshelf. I love my Kindle, I wouldn't take it back for the world! I always love your book recommendations, I need to get back into reading!

  7. Hey Brighton!
    I see you're a romance lover. ;)
    Now.. that's three of you who haven't really been digging Rowling's new book. I'm definitely skipping it. Ha!

  8. haven't heard many people say they didn't like THG! i have the same 3 chapters rule though :)


  9. I was given The Casual Vacancy for Christmas and I will read it but I think I have to go into it thinking its a completely different style ...one I normally wouldn't read.

  10. I have several friends that have been pestering me to read Black Dagger Brotherhood series! I've heard nothing but good things about it!

    I've never heard of the Death Series. I'll have to check it out!

  11. Yeah I couldn't get into The Hunger Games either. Just had to audiotape it

  12. I love being able to have a bunch of books on my kindle too! So nice to be able to pick it up and have everything right there. I am hoping to get some blanks filled in at the twitter chat too, even though I just COULD NOT finish that book! Oops!


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