Sunday, December 2, 2012

{ the simple things }

It's here! It's finally December!  And it snowed!  Look at all the pretty snow.   

 I ignored all the complaints about snowpants and boots and gloves and hats and scraves.

And my own about digging out the wood pile because I forgot to cover it the night before.
But it didn't matter because we had thunderstorms come through last night and it washed it all away.

It's also 57 degrees today too.  The weather here is enough to give me whiplash I tell ya.

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  1. ah snow :D I'm jealous! It was 80 degrees over here in Texas. I was burning up and felt so miserable.
    I love the pics you took! you're an awesome photographer!

  2. Beautiful photos. I can't wait until we finally get our first good snow here!

  3. Your photos are breath aching - so beautiful!

  4. AAhhh so beautiful. The one with the water and the trees on each side is so perfect, love the reflections in the water. We're having a warm winter, wish we could get snow though.

  5. *Sigh* so beautiful. I wish it would snow here. Enjoy it for us, ok? :)

  6. such beautiful photos. makes me miss winter in west virginia when we visit my inlaws for Christmas.
    coming through simple as that

  7. It looks like Christmas ! It's been so warm here , I loved looking at all your pictures. I am ready for some of the white stuff !

  8. I adore the second photo it looks magical. Love all the snow.


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