Friday, December 28, 2012

{ new years resolutions }

It's almost the New Year and it's a time for a lot of us that means new commitments and resolutions.  I've had a better than usual time this with setting goals and keeping them. Thank you ladies of Let's Get Physical! And I'm always interested in other people's resolutions as well.  Some are personal and sometimes they are goodnatured.  

My resolution this year is going to take a lot of commitment from me and a little more research that usual.  My resolutions this year is to cut down on the sugar that we eat.  I know that I'd be setting myself up for failure if I said I wanted to cut it out completely so I'm going to slowly work on cutting all the "bad" sugars out and cutting down severely on the pop and junk food that we eat. 

I'm fairly diligent on what the kids eat and drink.  I don't ban junk food or cupcakes because really, they are kids.  But I'm not getting any younger and they are at the age where the choices they make will start to become habits so lets set some new ones together.  

I also asked my featured sponsors this month what their New Years resolutions would be I love how alike Emily and I are and how much I realize that Danette's is somewhere I want to be this year too.  


Emily's Resolution: 
Yes, I plan to exercise more and eat healthier (but doesn't everyone? ha)!


Danette's Resolution:
I'm going to try organize my closet, but I'm really going to strive to walk justly before God and men. To love mercy. And to show love. And to not waste time. Time is such a precious gift.

Stop by and show these ladies some love.  You don't want to miss Emily's love story or Danette's kindness linkups.


  1. My friend Sarah and I will be having a blog hop called 13 resolutions for 2013 if you want to check out some more :) It will be starting on Jan. 1st. Here's a link about it:

  2. great resolutions! so glad I stumbled upon your blog! new follower!


  3. Good resolution! I agree - don't cut it out completely, you'll just be setting yourself up for failure - the hubs and I just started the 80/20 rule - eat really good and healthy 80 perfect of the time and allow a few treats 20% of the time! of course you can change it to fit your desire....i have a friend that does 90/10 - by the way, I could've swore I was already following you - hmmm - perhaps on bloglovin but I just found out I wasn't on GFC - but I am NOW!

  4. I just can't manage resolutions, I always seem to loose sight of them... instead I'm hoping to start the new year off with some great organization and a few new great habits that I'm hoping I can carry throughout the year... fingers crossed :)


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