Thursday, November 8, 2012

{ top 10 thanksgiving children's books }

I just filled out the form for my kindergartener's book order and I was surprised by the lack of Thanksgiving books to choose from this month.  It was full of Christmas books but come on,  don't skip over Thanksgiving.

There are lots of lessons and fun stories to tie into Turkey Day.  When I was little Thanksgiving wasn't a really big holiday to my family and to be honest, I didn't even like turkey.  I do know, sorta.  But anyway, Thanksgiving was a holiday we made dinner for and people stopped by but it wasn't really a "celebration".  Some of us didn't even change out of our pajamas.  While I won't be putting the kids in their best clothes (hello gravy stains!) I plan on marking the start of some new traditions this year.

One of the things I began this year was reading Halloween themed books to the kids each night for the week leading up to Halloween.  Just Halloween books.  And I'm going to do it again for Thanksgiving.  I bought or already had these and this Sunday we'll start our countdown.
♥ T is for Turkey  ♥ What Is Thanksgiving? ♥ I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie  ♥ The Littlest Pilgrim ♥ Five Silly Turkeys ♥ I Love Fall! ♥ The Night Before Thanksgiving  ♥ 10 Fat Turkeys ♥ Too Many Pumpkins ♥ Balloons over Broadway: The True Story of the Puppeteer of Macy's Parade ♥

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving book?


  1. I am writing these books down now as we speak so that I can check them out for my little one!

  2. I love the way they put twists on the classics like Five Silly Turkeys and There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie. These all look fantastic. I'd like to invite you to link this post into the Kid Lit Blog Hop! Here's the link if you are interested:

  3. Each book is so colorful and fun looking. Perfect for kiddos to look at and enjoy! :O)

  4. What a fantastic idea! Thank you so much for linking this into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Such a great idea for a holiday tradition!

  5. I love Balloons over Broadway. Melissa Sweet is such a lovey illustrator.


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