Saturday, November 10, 2012

{ the simple things }

I've taken thousands of pictures over the years (thank you digital!) and my goal for Resolution in Motion is to organize my photos and files.  It's a pretty daunting task since I rarely delete photos and download files by the hundreds.  Anyway one of the best things about going through my photos is finding ones that I had forgotten that I'd even had.
This a bridge that connects two little islands (really little) that are upstream from the local damn.  Each little island is probably a thousand square feet and the kids love playing Pooh Sticks over the first bridge (not pictured).  The first bridge has railings because the water on that side is more than 10 feet deep in the middle the water is only 2 feet at the deepest point.  Hence the silly little bridge.

I had a lot of flowers pop up in strange places over the years but one of the most surprising was this yellow rose that started to grow next to my mailbox several years after we moved in. We didn't plant it but all of a sudden it was there.  It was something to look at when I check the mail.

We were out for a drive around the back roads several years ago and came across this old, rusted out crane in a field.  It was just sitting there in the middle and then the next year it was gone.  I've always wondered what happened to it. 

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