Friday, November 30, 2012

{ right now and instagram love }

♥We are getting our Christmas decorations out and planning our holiday calendar.
♥Little Man is saying so many words.  It's like we have actual "conversations".  His favorite-
Me: Little Man, let's pick up your toys, shoes, clothes...whatever.
Little Man: No, you!  (with the finger point)
♥Queen B is preparing for her first ballet recital.  Color her stunned that she has to do it in front of "people she doesn't know!"
♥The sharing between kids is awesome.  Queen B has shared her snacks with both boys, Big G and Little Man both sat together and played games on several occasions and each has volunteered to go get something for another.
♥My new favorite show is Love you, Mean It with Whitney Cummings.  I laughed so hard the other night I woke the husband up.  Love her!


I am so ready for December!


  1. I've never heard of Love you, mean it! I LOVE her show Whitney, that show is the best. And check out the blog today, you might've won something ;)

  2. beautiful photos! it makes me want a foggy cozy day here!!

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