Tuesday, November 6, 2012

{ resolutions in motion - round one }

I am a person that honestly needs a little motivation and accountability sometimes to get things done.  If I think that no one will notice that I didn't do that "thing" then odds are most of the time that I'll let it slide or flat out not do it all.  It's a bad habit.  I should have procrastinator stamped on my forehead sometimes for real.  This is why I am signing up for Resolutions In Motion.  

What's my Resolution?  Organize My Digital Files
It's out of control on my harddrive.  I have thousands of photos, printables, scrapbooking files and other things that I have most likely forgotten I even have.  Someone I know recently had a complete computer fail and lost almost all her photos.  I have way too many memories stored on this machine.

How Will You Do It?
1. Photos- delete all blurry/duplicate pictures and backup originals.
2. Sort through digital scrapbooking folders and delete what's not my style anymore.
3. Create a backup system for all my files and photos.

It's pretty daunting which is why I haven't done it yet.  I just keep adding more and more pictures, files, etc and say I'll get to it someday.  Well, someday is here.


  1. This is a great goal, and I love that it's different from everyone else's! This is something I definitely need to do for myself!! Good luck!

  2. This is a good one! I might need to do this myself. Good luck!!!

  3. Newest follower from the blog hop! can't wait to hear from you :)


  4. I need to do this too... Argh there is just so much stuff to go through and double back up.

  5. A great goal. You can do it! It made me shudder about my own computer though. Maybe my goal for the next round. Xx


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