Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{ project life october 28 - november 3, 2012 }

p r o j e c t  l i f e   o c t o b e r  2 8  -  n o v e m b e r  3 ,  2 0 1 2

I might as call this week the Halloween week.  Everything at the beginning of the week was leading up to Halloween and everything afterward was the recovery from Halloween.  We hit Subway of over the weekend and it was so darn cute watching the Little Man try and eat a 6 inch sub.  He made it about halfway before he decided the cookie was a better idea.

We also carved our pumpkins over the weekend as well.  Last year saw all of us start but the under 18 crowd bailed as soon as their hands hit the pumpkin goo.  This year only the boys bailed although the Little Man hung around long enough throw a little of it around.

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