Monday, November 12, 2012

{ project life november 4 - 10 and free thanksgving project life printables }

p r o j e c t  l i f e  n o v e m b e r  4 - 1 0 ,  2 0 1 2

Did anything else happen this week besides the fact that we had an election?  Maybe?  Well I made a list of our Thanksgiving books to read before the holidays and stacked wood.  Lots of wood.  It's not my favorite thing by a long shot but I don't like picking through the wood pile for pieces either.
 Oh, and about that election?  Obama won.  It was all over my twitter before I even caught the headlines online.  I skipped some of the election coverage because it was stressing my husband out.  You could say that we had a difference of opinions on who should win.  Election Day was also the release day the conclusion to Nora Roberts Inns Boonsboro series and Ryder and Hope have been my favorite characters by far and I couldn't wait to read their story.  It is not on my bucketlist to stay in the Eve and Roarke room at the real Inns Boonsboro.

I also created a few new journaling cards for Thanksgiving Project Life layouts.  You can download them below.  

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  1. How funny I am reading book one of that NR series right now and I'm loving it ! Got it from the library so I will have to see if they have the next one.

  2. Great layouts. I really like the book layout. What a creative way to list them.

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