Tuesday, November 20, 2012

{ literary junkies week 1 }

Goings on in Texas

I am so excited about the new linkup that Taylor from Goings On In Texas and Lesley from By the Porchlight have started called Literary Junkies.  As if you don't know I love books.

The first book we will be reading is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  This book is so far from what I've ever read before that I can't wait to talk about it.  I feel like I'm keeping a huge secret by not telling you how great this book is yet.

But before we get to that discussion we are starting off with a few questions.

1) What book are you currently reading? 
Besides The Night Circus I am currently reading A Political Affair by Mary Whitney.  It's a political/love story tale (obviously) between a Kennedy-esque Senator and his intern who is more than a decade younger than him.  It should sound trite and cliche but it's a very well woven story of their relationship from her first day all the way through to Election Day.

2) What are your 3 favorite books of all time?

Oh, wow.  This is like asking me which one of my children is my favorite. I've stared at this blinking cursor for a long time trying to decide so I'm going to go with the 3 books that jump into my mind first as memorable and I know that I've read countless (I really mean countess too) times as well.

3) What is your "approach" upon entering a bookstore? Where do you immediately head after entering through the front door?
When I first enter a bookstore I always head to the new releases shelf that's usually in the front.  I always like to check and see what's new and if they have any sales going on.  After that I head to the romance section and stay there until my husband says it's time to go.  If I have any of my children with me we'll make a stop through the children's section so they can choose a book as well.  
I don't go to the bookstore as much as I used to though.  I know it's because I have my Kindle and all I have to do is click a button and my choice will be downloaded in a matter of seconds for me to begin reading.  But nothing beats the atmosphere of a good bookstore.


  1. Hi Brighton! Love your blog! I'm a new follower from the resolutions in motion GFC hop. :)


  2. I hardly go to a book shop anymore either ... Just shop on my iPad now.

  3. I buy books on my Kindle as well, but I still love going to bookstores. I even buy books sometimes cause I like the feel of a real book.


  4. I have never heard of Night Circus, but I'm going to check it out. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Thanks for linking up, Brighton!! :) I am feeling the same about The Night Circus! I cannot WAIT until we discuss this book next month! :) I have yet to read any Nora Roberts, but I do know that her books are in abundance. ;) Glad to see you favorite a few of her books! And I am still a bookstore junkie as well (but more typically a used bookstore)...I prefer to have a book in my hand. ;)

  6. Thanks so much for linking up!!! Love it!

  7. Hi, Brighton! I'm a new follower from Literary Junkies link up.
    I read one book by Nora Roberts and absolutely loved it! It was a mystery/suspense/thriller book :D So glad to meet you!

    Sarah @ loveeesarah.blogspot.com

  8. Hi! I'm a new follower from the link up! I will have to check out A Political Affair! It sounds like something right up my alley!

    Great to meet you & looking forward to next months book discussion!!

  9. A Political Affair sounds so good! I'm gonna have to check it out sometime soon!!

    I'm your newest follower! Stop by Beyond the Gradebook sometime soon!


  10. Oooo the night circus, I'm intrigued! And I'm the same way entering a bookstore, new releases and deals first! :)


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