Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{ let's get physical - november }

Simply Evani started a brand new link up about health and fitness this week and I've just started my own health and fitness journey I could use the support and more accountability. 

To work out at least 3 days a week & take a walk/play outside on the other days
It sorta happened.  The weather turned to the colder side so our outside play is pretty much over.  I did meet my 3 days a week goal on two weeks but the others I didn't.  I did however do a lot of outside work like raking, stacking wood and winterizing the yard so I think I'm even.  Splitting and stacking wood is hard work  and I told my husband honestly if it was an actual "workout" I probably would have quit.    

Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day
If I was home all day I met my goal but on the days that I was out and doing errands, I was a fail.  I would bring my cup with me but I would forget to drink it.  I guess I'm not a big drinker while I'm on the go.  I'm going to try and make up the difference in the part of my day where I'm going to be home and see how it goes. 

Use My Fitness Pal everyday
I stared the month out with MFP but I switched to Spark People because I like the app better.  That simple.

Start taking vitamins
I did start taking a multi-vitamin but I'm not used to taking one so I forgot it almost half the time.

Choose a muscle toning routine
I choose one but between working outside and regular workouts my arms were pretty tired.

I'm still the master of rationalizing why I don't have time to workout or what else I should do instead.
I tell myself that one glass of pop won't hurt...and then I refill it.
I pretty much suck at remembering to take any kind of pill.
If I don't workout during the daytime, I know I have no time in the evening and I'm pretty sure I sabotage myself most of the time.

To work out at least 3 days a week. 
Most of the outside work is done for the fall and cutting wood will only be on the weekends now to fit with my husbands work schedule so that leaves me with the weekdays to work out.  

Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.
To try and run my errands in the morning so that on those days I can fit in what I need during the rest of the day.  And maybe finding a favoring for water because I am starting to crave taste!

Use Spark People everyday.
When I see what I've ate and how my room I have left in my calories for the day  really helps curb the 
unnecessary snacking.  I still need to work more on writing everything down.  


  1. Great achievable goals friend! I think with time the water thing becomes automatic. I find that when I go out to eat, I drink so much I feel bad for the waiters! But anyways, I love the idea of doing yardwork for exercise, it puts the focus on a task and the calorie burning just comes with it! Thanks for linking up again Brighton. :)

  2. Keep up all the hard work.... Do you really need to worry about the vitamins if you are having a varied balanced diet ? Our dr said they aren't too useful if you are... He suggested I get a blood test and found I was only low in one thing vitamin d so I take that not all the rest. Which is great as I'm not great taking tablets either (always forgetting) :-)

  3. Good work. I'm just now realizing how crucial goals are in personal fitness. I'll get ideas about what I want to accomplish but never write them down or tell anyone--which makes it too easy to forget and slack. You've got step one down, writing down what you're aiming for. Keep it up, girl!

    Cute blog, by the way.


  4. I'm stopping by from Evani's linkup, I love your blog design! I have a hard time sticking to using MFP, it's great that you found an app that works for you! I have a bunch of pills that I need to take daily, I'd recommend keeping the bottle in a place where you'll see it, where you'll have water readily available. I keep mine in a drawer in our coffee table-- random, but when I sit down to eat my cereal on the couch I see the pills and remember to take them! Also-- this is super dorky of me-- but the days-of-the-week pill containers are helpful if you can't remember if you took it one day!

  5. Hi, I am coming from Evani's LInk up! I'd say you did great on your goals from October! Instead of the vitamins you could just eat more fruits. for the life of me I can't take any pills - I only can drink the vitamins, but I've read that the body cannot work with the extra vitamins we take in as pills so I quit taking them (only when I have a cold).

  6. PS I totally love your design Especially your header pictures! very VERY nice!!

  7. I feel like out everyone who has linked up so far that you've accomplished the most. Congrats! *throws confetti* :)

    I like how you only have 3 goals. I think that may be the way to go. If you accomplish anything else like remembering to take your multi-vitamin then it's extra points. I will have to remember that for next month.


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