Thursday, November 15, 2012

{ blogger book swap reveal }


This month I participated in the Blogger Book Swap.  I love books.  I'm positive that it's not that big surprise.  Or that the book I received was Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts.  We were encouraged to swap books that we already had and my swap partner Beth from Beth Art from the Heart already had this on her self as sent it to me!

I in turn gifted Beth a Kindle book, Neither by Chelsea M. Cameron.  I gifted her a Kindle book because as we were talking about books we liked, she told me that she prefers large print books...and I had none.  Who wants a book they can't read?


I LOVED the idea of a book swap and I hope that there will be more in the future.  You can never have enough books.  


  1. That was really smart to do the Kindle book. I already finished the book I received in the swap, and I absolutely loved it. I hope you enjoy Chasing Fire! :)

  2. I really love your site design!

    I'm glad that the kindle swap worked out. Next time, I'm going to look into how that works because I know some people live far away and shipping is expensive. Enjoy Chasing Fire. I've never read Nora Roberts, but I've seen her everywhere.
    Thanks for participating!

  3. Thanks for being such a great swap partner Brighton! I really looked forward to your emails and enjoyed meeting you!


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