Friday, October 19, 2012

{ right now... }

It's been a long week people.  Between broken nails (I really hurts!) and all the way to blown furnaces (it's really cold!), I am so ready for Friday.  This week is all the little things...

I love our new puppy but my toes are not chew toys and I'd like you to go on the actual chew toys that I bought you which are sitting right next to me.

the Big Man is rocking his attitude.  He's come such a long way this year and I am so impressed.  And happy.

Anything that can break is attempting to.  I'm almost too scared to say it out loud because something else might join the furnace, washer, coffee pot and chair leg.

I am loving my new iPad.  And the cover I got for it is awesome.  

Flameless candles are the coolest thing I never knew I needed.  I found some flameless tealights at the store and I am in love.  I need to go back and get more.

Warm Cinnamon Coffee Creamer is the best thing ever.  I love holiday themed foods. 

I am absolutely giddy at the fact the my Tigers made it to the World Series.  How awesome is technology that I can watch the game on my phone while I am in the Parents Room at Queen B's dance studio?

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