Saturday, October 6, 2012

{ right now... }

I've been keeping up a gratitude journal this month and in I've been adding "right now" prompt from Ali Edwards and while I loved the idea, it wasn't until I read The Right Now Challenge on Kristina's blog One Happy Mama that I decided to add them here as well.


      The Little Man runs around all the time making that raspberry noise with his lips.  It was cute the first thousand times but now, not so much.  Say it don't spray it.

      Big Man tries to neogotiate his way out of trouble lately by saying, "If you don't take away my ___, I'll give you a kiss, love your forever, eat all my corn, etc".  I think he'll make a great lawyer someday.

      I have to hid my Reese's Mini's in the medicine cabinet otherwise they are all gone.  I am trying to eat healthier but sometimes mama needs that peanut butter cup to talk herself off the ledge children.  It's in your best interest to make sure you don't take the last one.  Double goes for the husband.

      I am on a streak of good books lately.  This makes me happy because bad books kill my buzz.

      Halloween planning is in full force right now.  We've only had one "you want to be what?" costume discussion so far and I'm confident in saying I think our final decisions have been made.

      I love how Little Man is so excited to see the buses everyday.  And trucks.  And tractors.  All the noises he makes when he sees them always makes me laugh.

What's your right now?


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