Friday, October 26, 2012

{ right now - week 4 }

I'm linking up with One Happy Mama again for her Right Now Challenge.  I love how this inspires me to keep up on the little things and not just my Project Life materials.

What's our right now...

the Little Man loves his baths right now.  I have to limit him to two a day otherwise I'm pretty sure his skin will wrinkle all up permanently.

I am so over the rain.  Which isn't something I'd ever thought I'd say.  I love listening to rain on the skylights but after almost two straight weeks of rain and clouds...I'm over it.  And so it my hair.

I am pretty bummed that the Tigers are down two games in the World Series.  I would really, really like them to win.

All the kids are excited for Halloween next week.  If they are this excited for Halloween, I can't imagine how crazy they are going to be for Christmas.

It was a slow week in the instagram side... I was having way too much fun playing with the iPad to even pick up my phone.  But I do have these to share from our trip to Meijer.


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