Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{ project life october 14 - 27 }

P r o j e c t  L i f e   O c t o b e r   1 4 - 2 7 , 2 0 1  2

I used some of my Studio Calico kit on this weeks layout.  I love the yellow and gray together.  It might be my new favorite color combination.  But it's been a slow few weeks so I went ahead and combined two together.  I got my new Ipad2!  I have been wanting this forever and I finally got it.  And I swear that every time we head to Ballet class the boys fall asleep.  Last week they fell asleep and I managed to load them up in the cart, shop and put them back in the car without them waking up.  At all.

And the weird weather we've had all year continued.  We had 80' temps all the way down to freezing rain.  All in the same week.  And my big girl got her hunting licenses too.  Now she can go out with her dad and get almost everything.  But she's more interested in collection sticks and rocks.

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