Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{ loving lately }

Can you believe we're in the second half of October already?  That Thanksgiving is in just over month?  And Christmas a month after that?   I need to get it in gear!  Until then...

i'm loving...justin verlander

I am a huge Tigers fan.  Huge I tell you.  I was properly mad and stresses out when they blew a series sweep  and then the A's won the next game to force game 5.  My nerves were practically shot.  But that's okay, he's got this... and he did.  It was a shut out and almost a shut down.

i'm loving...making halloween cards

There have been so many wonderful Halloween lines out this year that are featuring the vintage feel.  I love the old vintage look more than the cartoonly-look of Halloween.

i'm loving...experimenting with a new style

Just because I'm getting older doesn't mean I need to dress old.  The baby is not so much a baby anymore and that leaves me with a lot more time to refocus on me.  No more t-shirts with holes and questionable spots and shirts from when I still worked in that stuffy office.  Where do I start?

i'm loving...chex mix aka puppy chow

This is my favorite snack to make during the fall.  It's like a comfort food for when it's all cold and rainy out and the leaves are falling.  I could say it's better than popcorn.

i'm loving...falling in love with reading again

I'm about halfway through my 31 days of books series and I'm so glad that I took the plunge to do it.  I've found a love for my books again that I never knew I had lost.


  1. Hey! I saw your blog on Loving Lately and I am your newest follower! When you get a chance please visit my blog. Thanks in advance.

    Have a great day : )


  2. I love the pops of yellow in the outfit! Mmmm puppy chow! I need to make some!

  3. Love the some cards reading quote :-) and the pop of yellow is nice too. I seem to forgotten how to shop for clothes since having the boys... Doesn't help I weigh a lot more than I did before kids !

  4. i love that outfit! and your lovely blog!

    Have a great night! Stop by nichollvincent.blogspot.com and say hello! xo

  5. I loooove puppy chow! And in terms of style, start with one staple you've been wanting to try. Skinny jeans, oversized sweater, bold accessories, any of those trends, and then go from there! :)

  6. Don't feel bad. My nerves were also freaking shot. I really hope they win tonight so my stress level can come down a notch for a minute.


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