Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{ loving lately }

It's so pretty this time of year.  The leaves are full of color outside and I love watching the farmers move their harvest up and down the road.  I live in farm country y'all.  I see tractors and milk trucks go up and down my road on a daily basis.  All my loves are fall inspired this week.

i'm loving.... ponchos

It's cooling down more and more everyday and while I don't want to bust out the winter coat just yet, the spring coat's not cutting it anymore.  I love how these ponchos are cozy and just the right bit of warmth.  And you can't tell if I'm wearing a old t-shirt underneath.

i'm loving...rain boots
I love rain boots for the same reason I love ponchos.  I'm not ready to wear the winter clothes yet but the summer clothes are make me look like I can't read a forecast.  And they are so cute!

i'm loving...cinnamon honey butter
I love, love, love this recipe!  It's tastes almost exactly like the one at my favorite restaurant.   I can now have  the same goodies at home.

i'm loving...learning about iCloud
I'm in the process of moving all of my files, etc over to MAC and it's a little more intimidating than I expected.  This has been so helpful.

i'm loving...the playoffs are here.
Source: google.com via Billy on Pinterest
Well hello Central Division Champs!  The playoffs are here and as I write this the Tigers are up 2-0 over the A's.  It make my really crappy day better if they would win.  Please?


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