Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{ let's get physical check-in october }

Simply Evani started a brand new link up about health and fitness this week and I've just started my own health and fitness journey I could use the support and more accountability. 

It's time to check in again.  I've got some smiles and some sad faces to report.  I really need to learn to schedule things better.  I've had years to practice and you'd think I'd have a better handle on it by now.  Ok, most days I do, but a lot of the time when I start slacking it's because poor choices (ie. staying up too late, procrastination, etc.).  I should just go to bed earlier.

To work out at least 3 days a week & take a walk/play outside on the other days.
I did pretty well on this one and it was my number one goal so I'm happy.  Working out has always been my achilles heel and being able to keep up with it is doing wonder for my confidence.  

Drink at least 5 glasses of water a day.
This were the first sad face.  Water is boring.  This is not news but it's hard to drink water when I am used to tasting something, you know?  I've tried adding lemons and cucumbers and even those flavor packets but I kind of feel like I'm cheating.  It's getting easier and maybe I'll turn into one of those people that magically crave water some day.  Or not.

Use My Fitness Pal everyday
Another sad face.  I'm really good during the week but on the weekends I can never remember, I'll forget what I ate or we go somewhere and I'll eat something complicated and not want to figure out how to enter it.  It's not a big fail and I'm still close to my daily limit each time.  I think.  Pretty sure.    

Start taking vitamins
I stared with a multi-vitamin but it tastes like dirt so I when the bottle is gone I'm going to look for something else.  Otherwise I may start sneaking Flintstone vitamins from the kids bottle.

Choose a muscle toning routine
I found one that I like on Pinterest.  So far it's the easiest thing to do.  I can do it while I'm even watching tv! Once I have to routine down better I won't have to check my cheat card so much.

I'm going to keep working on the goals that I have for now and I hope to improve on them by next month.  I've lost 4 pounds this month and I'm down a whole pant size so I'm feeling encouraged.  I want to establish a better routine and habits before the holiday season hits.  I can see the peanut butter balls on the horizon.


  1. Well done ! Keep up all the hard work... Hey what was your muscle toning work out? I'd love to know... I am mostly being good with my exercise a couple days I didn't do it early enough so I'm also working on doing a split work out 30 min in the morning and fitting in the rest before dinner or early evening when the kids are in bed.... Better finish this reply now so I can try to get to bed at a reasonable time... I also struggle with this!

  2. Whoa that's amazing!!!! I use MFP too, I love it! I need to work on the water intake, big time!


  3. That is awesome!! I struggle with my weight and am attempting to learn to run in an effort to lose weight. I like reading about others weight struggles and successes, makes me feel that I am not alone.

  4. Good job friend! :) I'm happy that you have more smiley faces than not, I was not as successful! The funny thing is the water intake is the easiest part for me, while exercise is definitely my downfall. In terms of water, I find the more accessible it is ALL the time, the more likely I am to have it. I carry my tumbler of water around with me all over the house and sometimes I'll even carry around two in case I'm too lazy to refill (counterproductive much? Lol) Good luck B!

  5. Congrats on the loss and being down a pant size. Fruits and veggies are mostly made of water anyway, so don't feel like your cheating by adding those to make the water taste better.

  6. Hi! I found your blog through Evani's let's get physical link up :)
    I use to HATE drinking water too, but I started adding Mio which actually helped a lot and now I can drink water like a normal person.
    As for multi-vitamins, have you thought about trying the chewable gummy ones? They taste kinda like candy and its a lot easier than the regular pills.

  7. Love your water goal as well!! :)

  8. Get some gummy vitamins! I used to take MultiVites and they were delicious!

    Good luck with your October goals!

  9. I agree with Allyssa!!! Gummy Vitamins!!! I'm with you on water. I have my days... But adding strawberry or any berry to your water is delish. I've been trying to make my own strawberry/mixed berries ice cubes and put them in my water... it's yummy :))

    congrats on the pants size down!

  10. Way to go! Love your new blog design, especially your signature. Come back to A Look Back!! :( ;)

  11. we share the same fitness goal, but I wasn't as successful last month. :) dunno about vitamins, cause I prefer real food over supplements, but I like the taste of effervescent tablets. I make (ice) tea when I don't feel like drinking pure water.
    Which muscle toning routine do you do?


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