Thursday, October 11, 2012

{ diy halloween rag wreath tutorial }

I searched high and low this year for a Halloween-themed wreath this year.  I found lots of fall and plastic wreaths but not a simple, classic Halloween one.  So I made my own.

I started with these materials...
     -circle styrofoam wreath     -4 different kinds of halloween fabric
     -lots of straight pins            -3 yards of ribbon

Step One: Wrap wreath with ribbon.  My ribbon was trimmed with wire so it was easier to mold into position.  Secured it as needed with the straight pins.  I love straight pins.

Step Two: Cut my fabric into strips about an inch wide and 3 inches long.  Go ahead and sit down, it takes awhile.

Step Three: Twist and pin your pieces sporadically on the wreath.

I twisted in the middle and stuck the pin right through the middle.  Some pieces I had to use more than one pin or used a lid to push it through a thick piece.

After an hour of twisting and pinning it began to look like this.  I didn't follow any pattern.  If it looked like I needed more orange in spot or more white, I added it.

Make sure your go at least halfway around on either side of the wreath so you can see fabric from any angle.  I personally like the filled in look better.

And ta-da!  You have a lovely fabric wreath for your front door.  Or back door.  Whatever door you want.


  1. How much fabric did you buy? I've got one in mind that I am doing and I have no idea how much fabric I need.

  2. this is so cute! i love this tutorial and already pinned it to my halloween board :)

  3. That is really CUTE!!!

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